Author Scribe I Am Tells the Birth of His Story – Part 4

Xlibris author Scribe I Am gives us the final installment of his Xlibris Blog.

Evoking human curiosity

Everything that has a starting point must have a logical foundation. And so, the Terrah Saga’s relevance to modern society takes root in the very prologue of the story. Humanity’s current course is palpable by all reasonable minds, as it leads to little progress for the spiritual and the sacred, forsaking imagination for consumerism and freedom in its dictionary meaning for a fake sense of security confined by an iron frame of rules, laws and regulations. Such a continued course of affairs is the backdrop of the story’s foundations, which leads to a complete collapse of human civilization and its eventual return to the source and roots of its fuel for ascension back into the fold of imagination’s bounty. The visions of civilization advancement and humanity’s progress to the stars we once shared are now blurred, marred and hidden from sight of even the most visionary and inspired minds by a veil of petty political feuds and economic groveling. With its backstory stemming from the modern state of affairs in our world, the saga remains relevant as the passions that all the characters involved experience remain the same. Love is a sentiment that is natural to seek, just as it is natural to feel fear and to wish to strive for greater endeavors, a tendency that leads the entire saga forward. But it is my belief that curiosity is the relevant element of the saga. The characters are consumed by it, just as the human mind today longs to have the fundamental questions that have plagued mankind for generations to be answered. It is a paradox of the modern world that sometimes the most elementary of issues inherent to the human psyche and emotional specter have become the most enigmatic. The strive of the modern reader to have such questions about their place in the universe, the origin of our species and of what lies beyond the frail bonds of our cradle of humanity answered is what makes the saga relevant until such time we abandon speculation for concrete proof and deform the sacred purity of human emotions and imagination into cold, scientific fact.

Social relevance

The shadow of a crisis emerging like the whisper of a nameless fear from the lips of many of those initiated into the innermost workings of the fundamental aggregates of our world and the reverberations of their actions into the future is the omnipresent subject that echoes through the books as the backstory that spurred humanity’s fall from grace and its eventual, slow rise from the ashes of self-destruction. However, as we witness the events shaking our world today, we, as rational beings, understand that it is foolish to attribute the reasons and purpose of these events to the faces and the lips trying to explain them to us from the television screens. The thinking mind will always remain suspicious, scrutinizing, questioning and curious, thus trying to understand who really stands behind the chaos, whose nonexistent black hand moves the pieces across the world’s chessboard from the darkness of rooms with no windows and doors. This very essence of mystery resonates throughout the Terrah saga, as the reader shall never guess who stands behind all the events and for what purpose until every last page of the story is read.

No ordinary sci-fi

There are many books that speak of space and aliens with destructive agendas. But there not one single book out there apart from the Terrah saga that has turned space itself into a conscious being with a plan puppeteering all that dare call it home.

A gift to readers

The reader is precious to me. Therefore, I want to my reader to take away all that I have conjured and turned into this sprawling saga. I want to kindle in my precious reader a desire to imagine great wonders and visions, to have the events and sights and experiences in my books to hush every smidgen of doubt in my priceless reader’s mind that she or he is of no consequence in this world and is incapable of turning cardinal dreams and far-flung imagination into reality. But most important of all, I am convinced that my purpose as a writer is to leave my reader questioning not only the actions of the characters in the story, but his own character.

A ‘walking encyclopedia’

There was a reason they used to call me the “Walking Encyclopedia.” The fact that I know so much about so much I owe to my mother, who started reading Homer’s Epos to me when I was still 3 years old. And then I looked up at the stars one night, when I was about 11 or 12 and realized that I was looking at the pristine dark sky with the Milky Way Galaxy cast against the backdrop of what even then seemed to be an endless void. And then, by night the cosmic winds began to whisper to me, like a berceuse calling to first stare at the night sky in awe and then to delve into the books. The bountiful legacy of such visionaries as Carl Sagan, Sergei Korolev and of course, the quintessential, immortal deed of my personal idol – Yuri Gagarin have all provided me with fertile ground to plant the seeds of my imagination. I was not a fan of science fiction books at all and have never read any, having long decided to keep my imagination quite free from foreign influence. But I was an avid fan of video games and movies, especially such masterpieces as the Homeworld series, Star Wars, Tachyon the Fringe and many others. I had always tried to visualize my own story in the special effects that I was being offered in the media, but the only tool at my disposal was the Word. Thus, it was only natural that began to use it, applying all I had learned to make it as palpable as possible.

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