Xlibris Author J.D. Mallinson Wins the 2013 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Award

Xlibris author J.D. Mallinson’s curiosity about life is captured through his self-published poetry collection The Sycamore Seed, published by subscription. Like a wind-blown, spinning sycamore seed, the former educator has let nature take its course, as he pursued and expressed his fondness for the craft. He previously won second prize at the BBC Home Thoughts Competition for one of his earlier poems and recently snatched the 2013 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Award for The Sycamore Seed.  He also penned two spy-detective novels published through Xlibris.

Xlibris author J.D. Mallinson
Author J.D. Mallinson is a recent addition to Xlibris’ accomplished self-pubbed authors.

Joining the list of Xlibris’ notable, well-rounded authors, J.D. shares his literary journey and inspiration.

Poems featured on BBC

I started out in poetry by winning second prize in a BBC competition. The BBC came to my home to record the poem and interview me.  They subsequently broadcast many of my poems on their  “Write Now” program.

An early affair with writing

While employed as a high school teacher of English and French, I regularly contributed poems to leading journals in the UK and USA, where I moved permanently in 2000, with my Oklahoma-born wife Catharine.  Examples of my writing have also been included in seven anthologies from leading publishers in America and Britain. I published four books of poetry with National Poetry Foundation (England), University of Salzburg Press (Austria) and Envoi Poets (Wales), before bringing out my collected poems THE SYCAMORE SEED by subscription, with Xlibris. This volume won the 2013 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal and is well-reviewed on their website. Contents include nature (from direct observation outdoors), travel (in America, Europe and Britain), music (mainly classical), art (famous paintings) and history (from pre-history to the present day). Something to suit all tastes and interests, in fact! 

Creative approach

My approach to writing poetry is an attempt to understand the nature of things, in all their varied and fascinating forms. THE SYCAMORE SEED is available in hardback, paperback and digital versions.

Congratulations, author J.D. Mallinson, on your literary achievement, and thanks for sharing your gift of words.


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