Author Scribe I Am Tells the Birth of His Story – Part 1

Xlibris author Scribe I Am had put his story on the back burner but his writer alter ego talked him into writing again.

True to his name, Scribe I Am is writing personified. The scribe graces the Xlbiris Blog with his eloquent writing presence as he reveals the beginning of his sci-fi novel Terrah Damnation.

Xlibris Book Terrah Damnation
Xlibris author Scribe I Am wakes up from a revealing dream that sparks his writing and gives birth to a brilliant sci-fi saga.

Writing inspiration

There is no straight answer to this question, as it is must be told through the episode that spurred me to become a writer in the first place.

I consider the starting point of the Terrah saga’s conception to be the Economics classes in my high school when I was in 11th grade. The classes were so boring that I spent most of them doodling on the textbook’s pages of what would later become the foundation of the saga. At first, the doodles were little more than sporadic scenes of fighters from different races clashing above a supercarrier that I called the Solitude of what I then imagined to be the Terran Stellar Federation. Afterwards, the silhouettes of an elite fighter squadron named Hunter emerged, whose pilots, in essence, migrated virtually unchanged into the Terrah saga.

The dream that ended the hiatus

Then I had abandoned the whole idea along with the multitude of spacecraft concepts, which would eventually enter the saga almost unchanged from their initial designs, as I had then begun the process of graduation and enrollment into university. But then, something happened when I came home from my first day at university. The evening was long and I realized that I would not be able to spend long evenings doing nothing. Dwelling on what I would be doing for the next three years’ evenings, I went to bed. And it was on that night of 13 July, 2008, that I saw the dream which would lay the foundation for my iron willed inspiration to turn the myriad ideas in my head into a sprawling series.

Upon a sudden I found myself standing aloof in the tactical vest of a special forces soldier in the middle of a gigantic twilight hall of glass and steel driven deep into a mountainside imbued with mystic haze and the smell of unknown essences so sweet that it made my hands lose their grip over the rifle hanging from my shoulder. Dumbstruck, I slowly walked down the glass floor of the hall fit for lords of stellar laces to behold the vista of a world of velvet twilight sprawling as far as the eye could see across a landscape of jagged rocks caressed by the streaming silver light of three moons beckoning in the star-studded sky cast against the backdrop of a mesmerizing nebula.

Scribe I Am reveals more of his writing saga on the sequel of his guest blog.

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