Author Scribe I Am Tells the Birth of His Story – Part 2

Do or do not. There is no try. Master Yoda’s timeless wisdom spoke to Xlibris author Scribe I Am. Read on how the Jedi Master talked the scribe to get on with his writing.

Ready I am, for Scribe I Am

Time folded upon itself as I stood in awe of the majestic scene that the dream had graced me with. And then I heard the faint echo of a cane’s tapping across the floor making its way towards me from the depths of the hall. And as I turned around, cautiously sliding my finger onto the rifle’s trigger, I was rooted in place in disbelief to behold Master Yoda staring at me from the level of my knees.

Having smirked at me with some measure of skepticism, Master Yoda suddenly poked me in the stomach with his cane and pronounced in his unmistakable voice full of cunning suggestion and belief – “Not ready are you…”

Without uttering another word, Master Yoda turned around and slowly faded in the haze dominating the distance of the majestic hall of inspiration, leaving me to merely think: “Why, you little bastard…”

The next evening, when I came back from university, I sat down before my laptop in the dark corner of our living room and created a file entitled “Terrah Damnation”, thinking – “Ready I am, for Scribe I Am.”

Four years of ceaseless work, soul shattering emotional upheavals and feral inspiration to create later, I celebrated the completion of the fruits of my labor with a glass of 17 year old whiskey.

About Terrah Damnation

It is the journey of a few extraordinary individuals from different races to the Khram Tabwuiq along the lines of their intertwined destinies wracked by horrible emotional trials and cataclysmic events, blindly believing in fate and the Word, without even realizing that they are merely fulfilling, move by move, the mysterious machinations of a malignant entity known throughout the eons as The Scribe.

As every story is a guideline to solving the riddle of self-discovery along such parallaxing themes as love and hatred, war and the illusion of peace, promises and lies, chivalrous ardor and heinous betrayal, it is only fair and natural to say that a saga as vast as Terrah is a journey of its constituent souls from the point in time at which they felt their lives begin to serve a purpose, to the culmination of their journey in the haze of mysticism past all the stages of sundering emotional upheavals and carnal passions fueled only by faith in a prescribed divine destiny.

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