Author Scribe I Am Tells the Birth of His Story – Part 3

Discover more of Scribe I Am and his sci-fi novel as he imparts how his story started here on the Xlibris Blog.

Taking you to unexplored realms

The series of shall take the reader across mindboggling locales from the decaying civilization on Earth to the homeworld of the Galamarr race, the legendary fortress world of Raptus, the mythical cosmic threshold of the Hraal Abyss, the worlds of Cyrrha and Chull, the Cathedral of Kush, the Foundry of Life, the Star of Silmin and all the way to the Khram Tabwuiq itself.

Main characters

It is impossible to identify only one main character, as there are so many unforgettable individuals, all of whom are involved in driving the story forth by the sheer power of their belief, ambition and overpowering curiosity. On the one hand, we have Selene – the reason for the war between humanity and the Galamarr, and Victor – the young man who loves her more than life. On the other hand, we have the autarch of the Galamarr Hegemony, the Grand Inquisitor Araxus Ti’Verha’th Talara, a character of such power and unnatural conviction in his divine destiny that it becomes impossible to separate him from Selene, whom he craves to possess at any cost. We have the determined patrior of humanity Commander Haggis McDirk, an ordinary man placed in extraordinary circumstances. And then, we have the Galamarr Executor Vinsage Aphoris Charkhan, the shadow behind all moves with his own agenda. Lest we forget General Kun’sha Nakhtigal Vek, the Unclean ruler of Raptus and the indomitable voice of reason bound blindly to faith. And what of the callous Secretary General Maximilian Prescott and his heartless and yet unnervingly pragmatic successor Edmund Canaris, whose actions decide the survival of humanity at an impossible price. In between the heavyweights, represented by the Three Champions of The Scribe are dozens of characters with profound stories and living emotions – real people, whose lives were shattered by the machinations of those consumed by vile ambition. Every story has many faces and it is the quintessential power of the Terrah series to convey the stories of its myriad characters from all sides of the conflict with no bias, letting the reader decide who to hate and who to love.

A novel sci-fi approach

This book, this saga, will appeal to readers as it is a fresh and daring take on the science fiction genre, which provides an enthralling experience that thrusts the mind onto a journey lived by extraordinary, living characters with lusts, sins, passions and ambitions that will lead them to the edge of the universe, all the while under the omnipotent and utterly brutal influence of the enigmatic, almost ethereal Scribe. The amount of intrigue and unpredictability will keep the readers pasted to the pages, and the dozens of moral and philosophical questions the book raises through the actions, choices and feelings of its characters will cast the audience into a whirlpool of personal emotions.

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