Xlibris Author Wayne Griffin Says a Rare Find is One of a Kind

Today’s Xlibris guest blogger Author Wayne Griffin talks about his memories of a one-of-a-kind Hollywood icon.

Xlibris Author Wayne Griffin
Xlibris author Wayne Griffin shares his rare celebrity connection with the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor.


Wayne Griffin was first introduced to the late legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor when she wrote to him declaring him to be her number one fan in 1986.  Since that day, the author and the star had maintained a lifelong penfriendship until her sad passing in 2011. So much so that Elizabeth Taylor sighted the manuscript of his new book, Dearest Elizabeth: A private collection and penned it as “a wonderful volume and a beautiful lavender tribute which bought back so many special memories.”

The author has amassed many rare and one of kind items that were once adorned by Elizabeth Taylor herself, many items of which have come from the star’s very own wardrobe and some items were even donated to the collection directly from the stars Bel Air mansion.


Dearest Elizabeth: A private collection showcases the extraordinary life of the Queen of Hollywood, while giving homage to selected items from the author’s amazing memorabilia collection. Dearest Elizabeth also uncovers the author’s connection with the star through letters and personal correspondence while also showcasing images, personally owned and worn items.

The book has a foreword from friend, muse, and avid Hollywood commentator and expert Sir John Michael Howson, whose handsome tone offers a brief insight into his time shared with Elizabeth Taylor. Let it be known that if you purchase this book, none of the many books on Elizabeth Taylor will come close to this delightful new volume.

What readers are saying

“It is great – just getting into it. What a collection!

There are so many photos I have never seen before. I shall be curling up by the fire with it tonight. It’s absolutely great! The affection and admiration you have for dearest Elizabeth shines through in every page. The collection is amazing and so varied. I loved reading the letters, perusing the never-before-seen paparazzi shots and family photos, and sighing over the clothes and accessories.”- Jill Robertson

“A beautiful book filled with photographs that only a devoted longtime fan and memorabilia collector, could amass. The range of items is extraordinary: personal notes from Elizabeth Taylor to the author (they began corresponding in 1986), exquisite shoes, wraps, dresses, hats, and skits, suits, a drinking glass, dolls, perfume bottles, gowns, scarves, jackets, paparazzi and family photos. The book takes you on a delightful and truly an amazing one of a kind journey.”- Chris Wells.

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