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As the digital age gives voice to virtually every netizen on the face of the earth, today’s authors have realized the importance of online reviews to advance their book marketing.

Online reviews
Online reviews are the new word of mouth says Huffington Post blogger Jorge Newbery.

A Huffington Post blog describes online reviews as the new word of mouth.


“If you still find it possible to fathom that there was a time before the Internet, you may recall the days when books were either New York Times Bestsellers or not. That was it. But in our modern era, you’re likely to read a friend’s Facebook post crowing that his or her book is ‘Number 432,896 on Amazon!’ and asking you to go on the site and boost it a little with a review.”




Reviews are crucial to any author’s online presence, especially as reading materials are no longer confined to print. Many netizens have embraced the digital era, what with ebooks and smart gizmos and gadgets. Having said that, authors need to be mindful of their online image, as Internet users can be harsh and anything they say can go viral.



“Reviews–positive or negative–are critical to your online profile. Just look at what happened to the Minnesota dentist who was identified as the killer of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe in July. People who were opposed to what he’d done inundated his dental practice’s Yelp page with scathing comments about him, his hunting, and even his skills as a dentist.”



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