Xlibris Self-Pubbed Author Shares His Book Inspiration – Part 1

It is refreshing to hear writing tips from budding authors who may be not in the same league with established writers but definitely have something up their sleeves.

Xlibris Book Terrah Damnation
Scribe I Am shares his creative inspiration and the overview of his sci-fi novel Terrah Damnation.

The Xlibris Author Advice brings back Xlibris Author Scribe I Am sharing his creative inspiration and the overview of his sci-fi novel Terrah Damnation.

All about ‘Terrah Saga’

The stars often call to us. The nebulae whisper in our ears of wonders and visions hiding behind quilts of galaxies and verses. But where was the endless expanse of time and space before the human mind rose from the hubris to embrace its place within the vastness of eternity? In whose keeping? Whose hand shall hold the helm that would lead us hence? What will we find beyond the bounds of the imaginable?

The Terrah Saga is the sprawling feat of a mind seeking to envision what lies beyond and would hush every voice in the galaxy, for the time of the Khram Tabwuiq is drawing near and Grand Inquisitor Araxus Ti’Verha’th Talara has finally learned that the key to the riddle resides within the Word made flesh. After years of following the breadcrumbs left behind by a mysterious being, he will stop at nothing to learn the secrets that had forced his kind onto a destructive path of strife and will at last return to his people the greatest gift of all. Their home.

But far beyond the Phrixus System, the Hraal Abyss and the A’abad Reaches, the human race reels against its new reality as the devastating events of a final war of attrition had decimated the population to a mere 1 billion. Yet, a glimmer of hope lies in the discovery of a new planet with the prospect of new life, new riches and a new beginning. Terrah.

Sent to secure the new colony world, Lieutenant Selene Ross and the crew of the battle carrier Solitude quickly become humanity’s last hope for survival when the forces of the Grand Inquisitor strike with overwhelming force. Little does Selene know that she is the reason for the war. Who is Selene? Why does the Grand Inquisitor seek her with such fervor? Is she a paragon of virtue? A pariah? Or a mere pawn and Champion of The Scribe himself beneath the whim of his remorseless pen.

The first book of the Terrah Saga – Terrah: Damnation, delves deep into the psychological state and feelings of the young heroes caught in the middle of a sudden and violent conflict, all the while scratching the surface of a much greater mystery connected with the Khram Tabwuiq. Every page gives the reader a taste of the sprawling saga filled with utterly unpredictable and shocking events that will take the heroes across many worlds and past many treacherous turns of fate all under the watchful eyes of the Grand Inquisitor and the puppeteering influence of a malicious entity known only as The Scribe.

Scribe I Am shares more of his book and inspiration on the sequel of this Xlibris Author Advice.

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