Life Recollections Guide Sylva Kelegian’s Pen – Part 2

It is no surprise that Xlibris Author Sylva Kelegian gained literary recognition at the recent Beverly Hills Book Awards for her children’s book, The Dolphin Princess. Her rich imagination earned her readers’ praises, featured on this second part of her blog. She also gives a sneak peek of her book, God Spelled Backwards.

Xlibris Book The Dolphin Princess
THE DOLPHIN PRINCESS is the 2015 BEVERLY HILLS BOOK AWARD winner for children’s fiction.

Reviews for The Dolphin Princess

This story is for young and old alike! It touched me on so many levels; a young girl experiencing the loss of her mother, her aching need for the love of her distant father, true love, and the desire to love! It stirred up so many of the joys of my childhood, part Shirley Temple, part Romeo and Juliet, with a bit of “it’s a Small World” for good measure. I was taken on an extraordinary adventure of such magnitude, with creatures and objects brought to life in ways I could never have dreamt of. It’s told with such imagination and so much wisdom…I was memorized and enthralled. “The Dolphin Princess” is a fantastic journey, brilliantly written. I LOVED IT!!

Even an adult such as I deserves to have tears well up reading a little book meant for children, if no one’s looking. A friend gave me her copy and insisted I read it. Not fair. Read it. Read it to your children, to any children you can borrow. They’ll love it. So will you.

I sure hope that these characters have a chance to come to life in an animated film. Everyone will get to meet the Animates on Animia Island. “Spoons” a spoon who wants to spoon anyone needing comfort. “Elyphant” the stuffed elephant, “The Domino Family”, and “Sorrowful Sad Sally”, a sad sweet doll. And so many more.

This wonderful wonder-filled story of a special little girl’s magical adventure. The characters (human, animal, and “object”) in this book are so delightfully written, you will fall in love with all of them. A great book to snuggle up and read with your children. You will all enjoy Saroya’s journey and reread this for years to come.

About God Spelled Backwards

I have also written my memoir, GOD SPELLED BACKWARDS: The Journey of an Actress into the World of Dog Rescue, which is a 2015 BEVERLY HILLS BOOK AWARD memoir finalist. I have spent the last 12 years doing dog rescue and my book is an inside look at the ups and downs I have gone through in rescue, while juggling an acting career and being a wife. My memoir is entertaining as well as being educational and my hope is that it brings a much needed awareness to the plight of our four-legged friends. GOD SPELLED BACKWARDS begins and ends with Sammy, my beloved first dog. Because of her I have rescued over 500 dogs, numerous cats, and a horse or two.

More about Sylva and her books are revealed on the third sequel of her blog. Read the first part here and the third and final sequel of this blog here.

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