Life Recollections Guide Sylva Kelegian’s Pen – Part 3

Doing her part against animal cruelty, Xlibris author Sylva Kelegian wrote God Spelled Backwards: The Journey of an Actress into the World of Dog Rescue. Read some of the positive reviews on her other Xlibris-published book in this third and final sequel of her Xlibris Blog.

Xlibris Book God Spelled Backwards
Sylva Kelegian expresses her advocacy against animal cruelty in her book “God Spelled Backwards.”


Reviews for God Spelled Backwards

It was the title that first captured my attention…God Spelled Backwards. I had no choice but to purchase what turned out to be a little gem. I love this book, I love the bravery of this woman, it’s a terrific read; compelling and heartbreaking and funny as hell too. I laughed, I cried, I raged against the inane abuses perpetrated against these defenseless animals. Being a new doggie parent, I learned so much from the authors stories – her many lessons to us cleverly disguised but clear as a bell in her narrative; And I grew to love her many charges from their personalities that jumped off the page. Bravo Ms. Kelegian. I look forward to your next book. A must read for animal lovers and for those people who may just be thinking of inviting a dog into their family – this is a must read.

Sylva takes us into a world dog lovers want to pretend doesn’t exist. It is filled with stories that will tear at the heartstrings of every dog lover alive. Fortunately, most of the stories ultimately have happy endings, thanks to the amazing resilience, unconditional love, and ability to forgive that dogs have, combined with the love, determination, compassion, and faith of the author.

Great stories of how she maintains an acting career and helps dogs find lifetime homes. So inspiring and funny and full of heart.

This is by far one of the best books about animal rescue I have ever read. It touched me deeply.

…  a beautifully written true story about a courageous woman, who, with the support of her loving husband, becomes involved in the world of animal rescue. This is an uplifting and heartbreaking journey that both filled and broke my heart over and over again. Dog by dog, rescue by rescue, these stories are absolutely compelling. Reading this book,I could not help but feel that I was somehow involved in all of these rescues myself!

I was left with a feeling that, by finding her true calling, the author not only helped hundreds of animals, but had a spiritual awakening about life and the fact that we, humans and animals alike, are all one. A must read for all, not only those who are devoted animal lovers.

A heart wrenching and heartwarming account of in-the-trenches dog rescue — I learned so much about dogs and their behaviors and the depth of their feelings and souls … I was incredibly inspired by Sylva Kelegian’s dedication and her unshakable belief that each and every dog matters and deserves a chance to lead a happy and dignified life.

…  we are given a glimpse into her personal life and, predominantly, into her journey as a rescuer of dogs. This book is well written, interesting and inspirational and the resource section at the end of the book – a listing of resources and a list of things that people should do when trying to rescue a dog – is invaluable … Indeed, while Sylva has done so much to just bring awareness to the plight of the abandoned and neglected dogs in this world, and she has been able to save over 500 dogs from neglect, she also acknowledges that there is so much more than can be, and needs to be done to protect our companions.

Sylva has some advice to aspiring writers: Both of my books were written in a writing class. My writing teacher Linzi Glass and the women in the group helped me to shape both of my books. I urge anyone wanting to write a book to get involved in a class where the teacher and students are knowledgeable and supportive!

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