Xlibris Author Rosario Lopera Survives Life’s Adversities

Behind the angelic countenance of Xlibris Author Rosario Lopera lies a tough woman who has endured much travail in life. Her memoir entitled Travail reveals how the Bolivian beauty queen faced life’s challenges from her father’s demise to her fiance’s untimely death in a tragic accident just before their wedding. Moreover, Charito, as she is also fondly known to her loved ones, penned her story to counter detractors who have long misunderstood her.

Xlibris Author Rosario Lopera
Xlibris Author Rosario Lopera in her younger years, modelling in New York

Through her Xlibris-published book and this Xlibris Blog piece, Charito gives you an overview of her story and a peek at the real person behind the beauty and fame.

Spreading the word about her Xlibris book

To begin with, I have been invited every single day to book events, interviews, reader reviews and so on. However because of some unavoidable family problems, I couldn’t attend any invites. I have promoted my book on Facebook and Twitter. My friends on Facebook were excited to know that Rosario Lopera was writing a book. Before my book’s release, I couldn’t believe the enthusiasm of all my Facebook friends. It made me very happy I couldn’t wait to get my book. So when finally I got my book, I was ecstatic. The cover picture was incredibly beautiful. Everybody loved it: my friends, family and neighbors. So far, the stores that I have presented my book to only had me online and not on the stand. I tried my very best to convince them to put me on the stand but they said that it was not possible at that time. I hope to change this in the future.

The real Charito behind the beauty titlist, Xlibris author persona

I was “Miss Bolivia” twice in two international beauty contests. In the first one, I did an amazing job, and my dream to become an actress happened overnight. The second international beauty contest I joined was the “Miss World Contest” in London.  It has been an unforgettable and beautiful memory. I was among the best photogenic finalists, which made me very proud and happy. My book tells it all.

Xlibris Author Rosario Lopera now
A woman who has braved the storms of life

As far as reading, I love bestsellers and interesting books…I used to read so many great writers all the time until my life changed and I went back to my home country Bolivia…and I took them all with me thinking that I was going to stay there for good. I have built a house, a beautiful mansion, with the help of a good architect but the design was mostly my choice. My house was everybody’s house. My new girlfriends and I play cards and what have you… tea parties, dinner parties, too many events. My hectic social life was sometimes boring! Sorry to be honest but this is true. I like Broadway shows, great movies, and similar things. But unfortunately, we don’t have Broadway shows in Bolivia. We just have our own kind of shows. I’m not putting my country down. No way! I love my country: the dancing, the exquisite food. We have so many good things. Actually every day there is some fascinating event to attend. My country is not New York but people are happy and are very friendly. Playing cards was a lot of fun especially for me that I used to act like a clown, laughing and making some girls laugh too, and other girls were concentrating on the card game…Sometimes I can be a funny person but it all depends on what is happening in my lie. If I have a problem, I try not to think about it, so I watch something funny on TV. I love funny people…I made comments on Twitter about some of them, and if I write all about it here, I’ll never finish.

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