Xlibris Author Jean Farish Finds Her True Calling through Transformational Writing – Part 3

This last but certainly not the least sequel of Xlibris author Jean Farish’s blog talks about why she chose to self-publish through Xlibris.

Xlibris’ quality supported self-publishing services

I set my intention to write my book upon return to the States, and immediately began to research  avenues  for publishing my book. I was led to Xlibris’ website and even though the services appeared to be superb, I was a bit skeptical. I trusted my inner guidance and submitted my proposal online. I was immediately contacted by an Xlibris representative who showed a profound interest in my story. Initially, we engaged in regular lengthy conversations that proved valuable in monitoring my progress. This experience was extremely motivating and encouraging. The representative shared my passion and provided ideas about the audience for whom the book would appeal. We even brainstormed titles and marketing possibilities. A review of my first chapter was requested. I was very much interested in the feedback which was expressed with satisfaction. He provided specific excerpts from the first chapter that drew his attention. I sincerely believe that without this invaluable support, I would have become distracted and it would have taken me much longer to write my book. 

The selection of a publisher is of utmost importance. Xlibris employs top quality experts and a wide variety of services designed to assist you on your publishing journey. Through various marketing and promotional events including the Coast to Coast Book Gallery, Authors Pitch Festival, and the Book Signing event, I  had the opportunity to engage with authors, producers, and an audience of readers who showed interest in my book. Furthermore, these experiences enabled me to learn more about the publishing industry. I am currently working on my second book and will continue my endeavors in marketing and promotional services recommended by Xlibris staff. Again, I had an excellent publishing experience and Xlibris is the way forward. I express sincere gratitude to Xlibris staff for their invaluable service to inspire authors and showcase their works to bring excitement, inspiration, mystery, and pleasure to the readers whom authors are destined to serve.

Furthermore, Xlibris staff personalized the book cover design by selecting a path that amazingly reminded me of my meditational walks.

Her advice to hopeful writers

I would like to leave hopeful writers with reflections on “food for thought” to facilitate their publishing experience, including capturing inspirational thoughts through journal writing; being patient; having the courage to be vulnerable and transparent; and most importantly, selecting Xlibris to provide the most rewarding publishing experience.

I encourage hopeful writers to engage in journal writing. It becomes your story with a message which may be invaluable for others.  Writing about my journey helped me to process my transformational experience and enabled me to become more self-aware and engage in deep reflection. I recognized significant moments and turning points that were life changing. We all have those inspirational moments and thoughts that are most meaningful when captured at that exact moment. Whenever I have an inspirational thought, I capture it in my journal whether during the day or in the quiet of the night.

I would also like to inspire hopeful writers to be patient. There are days when I would like to write, but nothing comes. I reframe from critical self-judgment and take a nature walk, sit in silence, or engage in some fun activity. Some days, I write all day nonstop with brief breaks. I am learning to trust my inner guidance for right and divine timing.

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