Xlibris Author Jean Farish Finds Her True Calling through Transformational Writing – Part 2

More about Xlibris Author Jean Farish’s writing journey is revealed on this sequel of her Xlibris guest blog.

About her debut Xlibris title

Xlibris Author Jean Farish
Xlibris Author Jean Farish discovers more of herself through journal writing.

My book  invites the reader to walk with me through this soul journey with a message that embraces conscious living. It is an inspirational story about my six months immersion in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-religious country in the Orient. My labyrinth journey was a pivotal juncture in my spiritual evolution. I heeded my soul’s call to embark on this journey which was inevitably life changing with a shift in my perspective and an awakening to the true essence of life and divine love. The chapters capture a myriad of experiences and emotions propelling me forward on my journey, navigating the landscape and adjusting to the culture, bonding with the natives and encounters with a spiritual master and priests, and marveling at the mysteries and wonders of the land. Being far away from home and questioning where home really is, I found the answer to the real purpose of my journey that was mystically revealed during the last days. The book highlights the “Spectrum of Love” in Henry Drummond’s 1880 classic, “The Greatest Thing in the World,” to promote conscious living. I have created a website for readers to visit to learn more about my journey www.jeanfarishjourney.com

Keeping a diary

I am an avid journal writer. While on my journey, I completed several journals to capture moment by moment and daily experiences.  My journals are filled with thoughts and feelings, and a collection of tokens of memorable events. I walked each day, and the walks proved to be meditational.  I would collect on my path that which spoke to my heart such as feathers, a beautiful leaf, and flowers. If I was invited to an event, I would keep a memorable token as a reminder.  Today, when I review my journals, the same feeling of peace, love and joy fills my spirit as though I am there in that moment once again. Journal writing keeps me present with life. The journals facilitated my writing capacity and enabled me to write my book with deep reflection.

Transformational writing

Transformational writing requires the courage to be vulnerable and transparent in transcending your experience.   You may question, “Who am I to write a memoir or non-fiction story?”  “Who will be my audience of readers?”  “Will they like my story?” It requires courage to “to be called out” to share your message and to be guided by your higher purpose that releases you from the fear of vulnerability and judgment. If my book touches one person, then my mission of service is accomplished. We must realize that the human condition is universal, and that we are mirrors for each other. Readers may see themselves in your story.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and to continue on my own transformational journey with daily practices for conscious living. When I am out of alignment with my practice, my heart speaks to me, and I immediately make my adjustment.

On the third part of her Xlibris blog, Jean Farish vouches for Xlibris’ supported self-publishing services.

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