6 Writing Tips from Xlibris Author Donald Wilson II – Part 1

Making strides with his recent literary achievements, Xlibris author Donald Wilson II deserves a spot here on the Xlibris Blog.

Xlibris Author Donald Wilson II
Award-winning Xlibris author Donald Wilson II imparts his tips to better writing.

His debut Xlibris book, Cross Roads, has won several book awards that have further broadened the list of Xlibris authors’ accomplishments.

We congratulate this up-and-coming author and share with you his six tips to better writing.

Grateful to Xlibris

First, I’d like to thank everyone at Xlibris for helping me with my book and inviting me to be a guest blogger. This is a great opportunity for me to connect with readers and authors alike and I am very excited! I still consider myself a novice in the literary world, but there are several things that I have learned along the way that may help aspiring authors achieve their goals.

1. Write Regularly

The first piece of advice may seem like a no-brainer, but I was surprised to learn how many writers that I’ve met don’t write regularly. If there is a time of day (or night) that works best for you make sure to carve out some time where you can write uninterrupted. For me, I do my best work in the evenings and nighttime. It’s also the time of day when the demands from family and the outside world are significantly less. Get into the habit of writing regularly and focus on your art.

2. Read A LOT

Again this may seem silly, but the more you read the better your writing will be. Most writers are readers, but if you’re not (and I’ve met a few who aren’t) read the genre that you’re most interested in writing about. The genre that interests you most is a great place to start, but don’t be afraid to go outside your chosen genre. You’ll be surprised by the amount you can learn by being an avid reader like different writing styles. You’re likely to discover new authors as well. Reading will help expand your imagination and increase your writing skills.

3. Connect With Other Authors

There are many ways a writer can connect with authors both locally and across the globe. Look for writers groups online or in your area. I have been fortunate to connect with some amazing writers online and here in New York. All of them have encouraged me to continue onward and have opened new doors of opportunity for me that I would never have known even existed. Connecting with authors online can be fun as well. I’ve met some truly talented and amazing authors since publishing Cross Roads and we have all shared our experiences and made what can be a lonely journey into a ride to remember.

More of Author Donald Wilson II’s tips are revealed on the sequel of his Xlibris guest blog.

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One thought on “6 Writing Tips from Xlibris Author Donald Wilson II – Part 1

  1. Good Morning Mr. Wilson
    I too am a new novice author trying to create my first published book.
    I chose xlibris as my first publisher for this project and have tried and prepay the publisher in committing to getting my manuscript written and submitted..

    Having background through the Military, as I served active duties with the Marine Corps in various assignments I found this a stable reference toward my science fiction writing. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction but just as alluring for a reader.
    My first rough draft, of my book Hedecame is about three quarters completed now and I hope to shoot it to the publisher later this year.

    I have not yet involved them in the publishing process as I have yet to get the needed materials together besides the original manuscript that they want for the submission process to begin.

    I was wondering your frame of thought do you have: when you are writing a new Chapter and creating new characters in the development of the story. Do you write fresh from the mind raw material and later clarify or spruce up parts or descriptions as you go over a completed new dictation? I find I am always improving past Chapters, but it hinders the process of new creations.

    When you are introducing a new character, have you already written a background about them to serve as a guide line for the character and reactions in the storyline?
    Do you dwell from personal background in producing characters in your writing or exhibit them from new experiences as if they were conceived for the first time?

    Do you write a preconceived outline for a guide as you progress in your story or is it more a mental exercise as if a oral story teller were perceives it? Like a broadcaster for instance? telling a breaking news flash on the air?

    What time lines does the publishing and marketing phases take to produce your book to market once it is submitted for publishing?

    How long is the waiting periods before you begin to see sale growths in your published book in the first year?

    who rates your work as a best seller? or is it more in competition as the sales show?

    I have been a professional in many fields but this area is something totally new.
    Now that I have the extra time, to write, I find my mind wanders from the writing track
    as forcing the issue with myself does not help in the creation of new ideas.
    It flows, when it flows…. What do you do during this unproductive surges?

    Just a few thoughts to share with you.
    As you have done this before.

    Your fellow Author and artist.

    Richard Long

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