From Pubs to Published: The Journey of Self-Publishing – Part 1

Every author has an interesting prelude to writing and publishing a book. For Xlibris Author Chelsea Ashe, her attempts at finding Mr. Right have thickened her own plot and resulted in the creation of her book Happy Hour Stories: The Dating Misadventures of a Girl Between Her Cocktails.

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Chelsea Ashe’s revelation of her happy hour dating flops through her Xlibris-published book has caught the attention of some Hollywood filmmakers.

And the plot further thickens. American production company Double Lenses, Inc. has recently finalized an option agreement with Chelsea to adapt her book into a movie. The novel was presented to participating agents, producers, and studio executives at the Author Solutions Las Vegas Book-to-Screen PitchFest in February 2014. The event is aimed at connecting self-published authors with key Hollywood decision makers.

She tells us about her writing and publishing journey here on the Xlibris Blog.

Self-Publishing Process

“You should write a book about your stories.” That was the common theme and advice amongst my friends and family when I divulged my dating disasters and bad dates on my search for Mr. Right gone wrong. It was something that I had wanted to do, but needed that extra push (and liquid courage) to actually pull the trigger. After finally self-publishing Happy Hour Stories through Xlibris and having it optioned, I can now say that I am so glad I listened to their advice.

Self-publishing was not only a rewarding, challenging and unique experience, I also consider it an accomplishment of which I am extremely proud. The journey of the self-publishing process was rewarding on its own, but what happened after the book was released was truly unexpected.

In the dating world, we are all willing to go on this journey for our final destination of finding our person. Sometimes we forget that, in the end, the destination is the outcome of the journey we took and the journey is the true destination.

Just like the dating world, the same holds true for every author in the publishing process. Every current and aspiring author-to-be has had “that moment.” An idea that you want to share with the world but don’t know where to start and doubt whether anyone else would even be interested in. My moment was at a bar after I just got done with a disaster of a date.

While everyone’s journey is slightly different, we all start somewhere. For me, my journey started with a bad date-turned-idea. I then started blogging and eventually self-published my thoughts and misadventures into a book through Xlibris.

While I thought that was an accomplishment in and of itself and was my ‘final destination,’ my journey continued down a path that led to my book being optioned as a result of Author Solutions’ Book to Screen Pitchfest.

Chelsea shares more of her literary journey in the sequel of her Xlibris Blog.

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