Xlibris Author Albert Dimitri Weds Artwork and Writing

There are different strokes of pen for different writers. Xlibris has always catered to authors of varied literary interests and intent. Author Albert Dimitri, also fondly known as Dimitri Kasongo, has merged his love of writing with his original vocation: art.

Albert Dimitri
Author Albert Dimitri has showcased his creative artworks in his fantasy book “Last Dwelling of Gods.”

Although he was born in Belgium, he grew up in Congo then moved to South Africa to study Graphic Design at the University of Johannesburg. However, after only six months of studies, he dropped out of college to start his own project where he could freely express his talent. His Xlibris-published book is called Last Dwelling of Gods.

Writing inspired by life and art

Like most authors, my book is inspired by my own life experiences. I was born in Europe and then raised in Africa with few opportunities to accomplish what I have done till now. To be really honest, I never expected to write a book but since I was young, art has always been my vocation. You will see that  I made all the artworks (Handwork Drawing) for my book.

Following his dreams

Where I am now is never an accident but just a gift where I keep showing or teaching others to believe first in themselves. If you really want one day to see your dreams come true, you better believe because time is really precious especially in this very hard world that we are all living in.

About ‘Last Dwelling of Gods’

“Last Dwelling of Gods” is a contemporary gothic style story about mythology in religions. Writing fiction is the only place where you can be free to have your own opinion. My first fiction novel will lead you to a world full of mystery, adventures, battle against different mythological creatures, and clash between worlds.

What’s next?

My next book is called “Dominion of the Engulfed Worlds”. It’s always a great pleasure to share this to those who are curious to know what I will write next.

My Facebook page is Dimitri Kasongo.

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  1. I have a passion for Jazz piano, and play it, myself. ( I like Classical piano, too ). This is my first foray into book writing. I am retired from filmmaking, ( one available for viewing in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota ). I love playing Jazz on the piano. My book is a Science fiction entitled DAYLIGHT NEVER CAME.. I am originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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