Xlibris Author Annette Keeble Martens Depicts a Versatile Wordsmith – Part 1

A precocious writer since age six, multi-published Xlibris author Annette Keeble Martens has written in every genre possible. Annette’s love of writing coupled with a rich imagination gave birth to thousands of poems and short stories. At age eight, Annette showed fondness for constructing horror tales alarming her mother and resulting in an appointment with a psychiatrist.

Xlibris book Spirit Soul and Body
Xlibris book Spirit, Soul and Body by author Annette Keeble Martens

Now in her 60s but still vibrant in attitude and appearance, Annette decided to embark on self-publishing and share her literary gift. Get to know more about the author behind the horror novel Demon and the poetry compilation Spirit, Soul and Body here on the Xlibris Blog.

Early writing and the shocking revelation

Hello to all the Blog readers!  My name is Annette Keeble Martens and I am a poet and writer. Words are my world. If there is a warm-blooded person on the end of the Blog, then they can be influenced by words, either by making them happy, shed tears, cause intrigue or frighten (yes, some people like to be frightened vicariously).

I began by writing poetry when I was six and then strayed into short stories. My mother got kind of worried as my stories were more often than not from the horror genre or spooky in some way, and she thought that at 8 years of age, I shouldn’t have even known such things as demons and vampires existed. At 10, I tried my hand at writing an essay on the ‘inner id.’ That did it! My mother took me off to a psychiatrist who pronounced me to be highly intelligent, extremely imaginative, creative, and neurotic! Hmm.

Taking the plunge into self-publishing

When I started writing seriously, I decided to write a book on every genre I could think of, so for Sci-fi I wrote ‘Handips,’ Crime, ‘Crime story,’ horror/conspiracy/end times, ‘Demon’ (my first to be self-published), for Teens, ‘Leap Year’ (fantasy), analysing behaviour brought forth ‘why did I do that?,’ Christianity gave me ‘Vine World’ followed by ‘Mouse’ about a female hitman (or should I say hitwoman?). There are more but I won’t bore you. I then had my poetry printed. Having brosadcast on Trans World Radio for 7 years, I was asked for a book so many times that eventually after half a life time, I printed ‘Spirit, Soul and Body.’ A book in three sections with poetry under those headings. Spiritual ones first, poems on emotions, the will, intellect, etc. under Soul and, of course, under Body, there are poems on being fat, old, lonely — well anything to do with the body including war. A few of them are even funny.

The Xlibris Blog brings you more of Annette’s blog on the sequel of this entry.

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