Xlibris Author Annette Keeble Martens Depicts a Versatile Wordsmith – Part 2

Xlibris author Annette Keeble Martens further shares her craft, its influence on others, and a glimpse of her family struggles and achievements.

Xlibris book Demon
Xlibris book Demon by author Annette Keeble Martens

When people say that they don’t like poetry, let them read one of yours. I do, and then they are hooked. Even men are reduced to tears, believe it or not. How did I get so old (68) without having published my books? Well, I got married and my husband didn’t want me rushing off reciting everywhere so that was that. I had three children, two girls and a boy. My little boy was over oxygenated at 5 weeks and his brain burst giving him cerebral palsy so years of my life were taken up with 3 hours of exercise with him every day and during that time we also went on the mission field to North Africa. Specialists told me he would never walk nor use his hands and would always dribble and be in a wheelchair. Neither I nor my husband accepted that prognosis, and today, my son is married with a baby boy of his own, living in America with his lovely wife and apart from his day job, he is a singer-songwriter. The only thing you can see wrong with him after all those exercises and prayer is he has one leg shorter than the other, so he needs boots with a lift. We never have to accept limitations, even if so-called experts tell us. There is a scripture that states ‘all things are possible to those that believe.’ and hey, IT’S TRUE!

Living a full life

So here I am, an old-age pensioner who positively doesn’t feel like one and hopefully doesn’t look like someone desperately trying to cling to their youth because I have waist length auburn hair and am told I look about 45 (as if, but don’t you just love it when someone is so encouraging?). I had a heart attack, died and came back so thought it was about time I started getting my books out there and living all alone, I had the time at long last (if not the energy). Thanks for reading all this. I look forward eagerly to reading your potted life story and maybe, if like me, you have to leave chunks out like my time with a millionaire, being homeless, being abused, getting fat/thinner/fatter and so on, cheating death many times, and doing everything from being a top flight secretary to being a missionary, then maybe we can carry on with the Blog!  Keep smiling (unless you don’t have any teeth).


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