Multi-Published Xlibris Author Gene Ligotti Writes On Despite Hurdles

What started out as writing merely to pass the time has become a lifelong passion for multiple-published author Gene Ligotti. He took a shot at writing following a health problem that caused him to retire from his dental profession after 30 years of practice. Unfazed by some writing roadblocks, Gene has thus far written three historical fiction novels and seven suspense thrillers published through the leading Indiana-based self-publishing company, Xlibris.

Xlibris author Gene Ligotti
Xlibris author Gene Ligotti is an accidental, prolific writer who has written 10 novels to date.

His featured piece on the Xlibris Blog reveals what has motivated him and how he has tried his hand at other genres.

A divine plan

I had completed publishing my suspense novel, “Fatal Flaw”, at Xlibris, and began to make plans for a book signing to launch the novel at the prestigious Book Revue in Huntington, New York. It has been said that if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans for tomorrow. It seems he had other plans for me because on June 2, 2012, I had a heart attack. Fortunately I had the finest of physicians and today I’m quite well.

All of my endeavors were put off for a while including the book signing, but I kept writing and by the end of last year I had published another suspense thriller, “Accomplice.”

Book signing events

Living in the northeast, I know that winter is not at all the best time to plan anything that people will have to travel to take part in, so I now plan for a double book signing at the Book Revue in the spring of this year. In fact as I write this, the area is in the midst of the second snow storm of the week and expect a third in two days.

A glimpse of his suspense books

As mentioned, both novels are suspense thrillers, but are also quite different. “Fatal Flaw” involves a lawyer, new to a law firm, who finds out that his firm is criminally involved. When he realizes that the criminals are coming after him, he disappears taking something that the firm values. His daughter searches for him, hoping to clear her father’s name and bring the criminals to justice.

The latest novel, “Accomplice,” involves a best selling author who inadvertently assists a serial killer and figuratively becomes his accomplice. At the peak of suspense, the author becomes the killer’s prey.

My readers and fans tell me that both novels are extreme visual page turners and simply impossible to put down.

Trying on a different writing hat

Although I enjoy writing suspense thrillers, I have recently changed my genre and am in the midst of writing a love story called, “As Ever and Forever.” Hopefully, there will be a sequel and perhaps a series using the same characters and setting. I certainly hope that this publication will not be interrupted as was the other.

All of my novels are available in hardcover, soft cover, and e-books. They are listed in many website venues such as and My website is




Dark Eagle


Fatal Flaw






Swamp Fox


The Third Woman


The Youngest Patriot


Time Never Heals


Ultimate Betrayal


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