Multi-Published Xlibris Author Joseph P. Policape Garners Good Reader Reviews

An author of poetry collections, a short story book, and a novel, author Joseph P. Policape is one of Xlibris’ up-and-coming wordsmiths. He has gained good reviews for his books, including A Poet’s Kingdom, A Spiritual Journey, Grandma Josefina and the Heroic Boy, Interpretations of Romance, The Gift of Misfortune, and Voodoo and Christianity.

Xlibris author Joseph Policape
Xlibris author Joseph Policape imparts his love of writing to readers.

The Xlibris Blog features some of the reader nods for Joseph. More than this coveted rite of passage for any published writer, he may inspire you with his works’ messages and dedication to the craft.

Voodoo and Christianity
Confrontations between Good and Evil
Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite

“Voodoo and Christianity” shows readers how terror inflicted by unknown evil forces can be powerful, yet not as powerful as anything that is truly good. It is an age-old tale of good versus evil yet retold from a different perspective. And although we know from the beginning chapters who will win this battle, it is the process by which the battle is won that creates an amazing plot line. Enlightening and captivating, the book is filled with the changing colors of a culture once dominated by fear, yet it triumphs in the end by the exercise of free will in choosing good over evil. Truly, “Voodoo and Christianity: Confrontations between Good and Evil” is a precious must-have book that is also worth sharing.

A Poet’s Kingdom
Reviewed by Joy Hannabass  for Readers’ Favorite

“A Poet’s Kingdom” is a unique collection of verse from Joseph P. Policape. It effectively serves the needs of its poetry citizens. What you find in this new collection of poems is a beautiful rainbow of existence: happiness, sadness, pride, hope and displeasure, regret and perspective, grief and joy, the simple thankfulness of God, nature, and life. The Death of My Brother, The Death of My Sister, My Temperament, To See Heaven and I See You in Nature, My Daughter’s Eighth Birthday and Someone Believes in Me are just some of the many titles you will be reading about in Policape’s new book of poems, “A Poet’s Kingdom”. Mr. Policape deals with just about any issue you want to read about in his unique poetic style. 

In these interesting, enlightening and entertaining poems, you will find peace, comfort, promises and calmness. You will laugh and sometimes shed tears as you read through this wonderful collection. Most of the poems are much longer than this one, but I choose this one to give you a little taste of what you will get in Policape’s book.

I Have Hope

My life will be terminated.
To go to Heaven is my only dedication.
But I must never allow myself to be tempted.
I must never give up to greediness.
If I want to worship in God’s congregation
I must never give in to things
That will jeopardize my soul.
I won’t die, but I will change location.
Heaven is my only destination.

I really enjoyed the inspiration and encouragement I found throughout this book. I really want to encourage you to pick up a copy of “A Poet’s Kingdom” for yourself. You will find many hours of fine reading here.

Grandma Josefina and the Heroic Boy
Reviewed by Maria Beltran  for Readers’ Favorite

Stories of good battling evil abound in the market, but Joseph Policape paints one in a landscape filled to the brim with the color of Haitian culture it is a story of spiritual warfare between a woman and her grandson that extends even beyond death. Policape’s Christian inclinations are evident in the book, as well as his in-depth knowledge of a culture that is engaged in a struggle between tradition and change – and all that  makes this book quite worthwhile. 

About Xlibris author Joseph P. Policape

Poet, writer, thinker, Joseph P. Policape was born in Haiti and arrived in Nyack, New York in the early 1980s. In the mid 80’s, he moved to Massachusetts where his higher education took place, with focus on Business, Computer Technology, and Theology. But writing has always been a permanent love.

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