Xlibris Author Sarah Kennedy Wins Multiple Literary Awards – Part 2

Get to know more about Xlibris author Sarah Kennedy on this second part of her Xlibris Blog.  

Overview of Sgarrwrath

Xlibris book Sgarrwrath
The winning Xlibris book Sgarrwrath, Prequel to the Prophecy of Hope

The saga began with four brothers (Cadclucan, Fyrdung, Azolat, and Arawn) taking a journey back in time to protect what is theirs by right.  Flame—the most mysterious substance in all of existence is the heart of the Guardians (dragon-herculean human type shape shifter beings) breathe and wield it for the good of all. Yet there is a greater Source who is the true prize of the universe. 

A dark entity known only as Sgarrwrath has long coveted access to Flame, which is the only link to the Source who is his first and truest desire.  Flame is life, power . . . everything or so he believes and Flame is finally within his reach because Arawn is not like his brothers.  Arawn is young, untested, and wants more power though the prophecy reveals the predominance of the Flame belongs to another yet to be revealed.  Stalked by this living Darkness, the brothers must risk everything to confront Arawn’s demons and the formidable task of purifying his heart Flame or turn their backs on him forever.  All moments bare a price making Arawn’s choice the catalyst of an epic adventure that will unfold around the far-reaching Prophecy of Hope.

The saga is set to continue in Arising, Prophecy of Hope Book One (to be released in early 2014).  The Golden Age of the Guardians is coming undone; their powerful bloodline is broken and the Flame is irreparably divided Light against Dark.  A war fought brother against brother, talon against talon until blood rained down from the sky leaves the old ways of the Light in ruin.  The great Guardian hosts retreat to their secret realm as Darkness comes.  An entire world hangs in the balance.  The time of the prophecy has begun.  With plan laid upon another plan, the evil Sgarrwrath relentlessly seeks the means to achieve all that he aspires to and claim the eternal object of his desire. While, Lorshin the cursed son of Arawn, wracked by guilt, plays a dangerous game with the dark, and Cadclucan, Guardian of the Stone of Existence and last of his kind remaining outside the secret realm is forced to hide from evil’s incessant pursuit.  Darkness is prevailing over the Light until the Disruption!  Out of the shadows comes a mere Human whose face shines like the Sun.

Lives are bound in prophecy, yet the prophecy keeps many secrets.  (Watch for Mhorag, Prophecy of Hope Book Two when the Source will descend and change everything yet again.)

Next writing projects

I am currently hard at work writing this next book in the Prophecy of Hope Saga and as of now I plan for the series to run a total of seven books that will, over the course of the saga, span into several different fantasy subgenres including:  epic, Celtic, and urban fantasy with just a hint of sci-fi thrown in for fun.  I am planning a Book Giveaway for Arising, Prophecy of Hope Book One through Goodreads, the official scheduling of this is yet to be announced.  I also plan to participate in some trade shows this year, also to be announced.

For now, I would like to invite you all to join me on the series Facebook page! And follow me on Twitter. You can also look for me on YouTube to see the new book trailer video for Sgarrwrath, Prequel to the Prophecy of Hope or check it out on the Facebook page.  Until then, farewell.

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