Xlibris Author Jean Farish Ph. D. Shares the ‘Inner World of Creative Writers’ – Part 3

Jean further walks you through her creative writing process on this final sequel of her Xlibris Author Advice.

Journal leads to discovering her passion for transformational writing

Jean’s Xlibris book finds its cornerstone in journal writing.

My book, “The Long Journey Home,” was inspired by my inner world of in-depth contemplation and capturing present moments through journal keeping that were transferred by handwriting to several legal pads and subsequently to the computer. My preference is artfully stringing together a set of words through handwriting that enables me to engage more thoughtfully with myself through the written word. Obviously, this is not the most efficient use of my time, but it is personally more effective. This non-fiction story about my immersion in a multi-ethic, multi-cultural, and multi-religious country in the Orient for six month became my labyrinth soul journey where I came to the realization that I had a true passion for transformational writing. Life is a journey and we never know where it will take us. We must be open and as Joseph Campbell states in his philosophy of the human experience, “Follow Your Bliss.” Otherwise, we remain unfulfilled with our creative drive stifled, talents unrecognized, and dreams unrealized.

Prides herself as a creative Xlibris author

Just as creative artists commence their work with the proverbial blank page, we can truly begin living each moment with the freshness of life with opportunities for divine creation. Barbara Taylor Bradford says, “We are each the authors of our own lives.”  This is literally proven in the lives of creative writers. We never know how our creative writing will touch and inspire others. Our creations will travel through the hearts and minds of readers from generation to generation as our fingerprints in the collective legacy of writers. I am proud to be a member of the community of creative writers. This is a tribute to writers and authors who truly make a difference; and on behalf of these authors, I express gratitude to Xlibris for bringing us together and showcasing our books. 

Xlibris thanks Jean for her valuable insights on creative writing and for choosing Xlibris to publish her book.

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  1. I have a real-life story that must be told. It is the story about addiction with a twist – a poignantly personal one. I have written the first page, but am still grappling with the title which has to reflect the essence. Right now I do not have the funds to support a life-style of writing and certainly none to invest in the essential marketing. This is my background so I know how important it is! You could say that my life has been on hold this year so I could work on myself in order to deliver this product in the best way possible. However I am cranking it up a gear now and am ready for employment to enable me to get down to business, in other words I am ready to get started. I find the authors advice extremely valuable and hope I can continue to be the recipient of these tips and information.

    1. Hi, Geraldine! How’s your writing going? It’s good to know the writer’s bug has bitten you and you’re ready to feed it. Thank you for finding our author tips useful to you. Let us know how we can help you publish your book and share your story to the world. Write on! 🙂

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