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A 140-character message can just as well communicate effectively as does a writer with a succinct style. Thanks to Twitter, Xlibris Publishing gets to share nuggets of wisdom to our thousands of followers in the micro blogging site. We may not have a Twitter domain as massive as Justin Bieber’s shrieking tween fans and a battalion of over 40 million followers (as of June 2013) across the globe, but if you love writing and reading, the Xlibris Twitter page will suit your social network life just fine.

Xlibris Publishing is on Twitter.

Twittering takes on a new meaning as we celebrate and “tweet” our love of literature.  Be a part of our expanding Twitter circle of self-published authors, professional writers, aspiring authors, bookworms, and literature lovers from all walks of life.

Xlibris Publishing tweets inspirational writing quotes

Xlibris tweets are short but sweet boost talks aimed at uplifting your writing spirit. Receive daily inspirational quotes, writing tips, as well as jokes about books, grammar, writing – the works. We know what big difference a good-natured joke or a pat on the back can make to a writer’s often solitary, unappreciated, and demanding life.

Xlibris Publishing tweets book links and new releases

From writing, editing, to book marketing, Xlibris makes each step of your self-publishing journey a meaningful experience. We help you draw your target audience and reach more readers by tweeting links to your books from the Xlibris Bookstore to our ever-increasing number of followers. To date, the leading Indiana-based publishing company has released and marketed over 43,000 titles.

Xlibris Publishing gives you the chance to go viral

The Xlibris Twitter page helps you to get your word out there and spread it like wildfire. Tweet your Xlibris book link or your book’s title on our page, mention Xlibris or @xlibrispub, and introduce your work to thousands of Xlibris followers. Rest assured your link will get retweeted from our end and stand the chance of being retweeted by other followers. That’s free marketing in 140 characters or less and just a mouse click (or tap) away!

Xlibris Publishing connects you with other writers

Twitter suggests like-minded followers whom you can follow and who might just follow you back. You should be able to see these recommendations on the “Who to follow” box on your home page. This is a good way to connect with fellow writers and share favorite writing quotes, tricks of the trade, jokes, and all forms of creative bursts that keep writer’s block at bay. You will surely find many self-pubbed authors and hopefuls supporting each other.

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