Prolific Xlibris Author Lance Palmgren Pens the 7-Picture Book Series ‘Walnut Warriors’ – Part 1

What started out as toying with his imagination has brought Xlibris author/illustrator Lance Palmgren to create a 7-book series, also inspired by his life experiences. Self-published through the leading Indiana-based publishing company Xlibris this year, The Walnut Warriors® series is a fully-colored children’s picture book laden with significant life lessons.

Xlibris author Lance Palmgren
Xlibris Author Lance Palmgren channeled his rich imagination into writing a 7-book series.

Hardwork bears fruit

Firstly, I give the Good Lord God all Glory and Honor for the wisdom and talent needed to bring this massive project to completion.  With His Grace, by spending time in prayer, seeking His ideas, insights, and concepts for a witty invention — which eventually manifested character-design; a toy-line; and, the 7-book Walnut Warrior® Series – within the past seven years, this vast project continues to unfold from the current stage of accomplishment into the beyond, which includes a floor game and film goals as the finish line. We truly have been blessed, in Jesus Name, Amen.

About the Xlibris author

Over the past years, Lance Palmgren has written and fully-color illustrated the series of seven children’s books about the adventures of the actual Walnut Warriors® for which he has designed a floor game and complete line of fully engineered collectible game pieces and toys intended for market in the near future: His book titled The Adventures of Rodney the Raindrop, unrelated to the Walnut Warrior Series, is offered as an E-Book.  It is his goal to bring his original characters to life via books, toys, games, and film. Additionally, as an airbrush artist, a musician, lyricist, and composer, he is currently working on an album with his Christian Rock Band, “Throne of Thunder”; and, a soon-to-be-released, exciting musical video for YouTube, titled “Captain Frost”. Lance resides in Branson, Missouri.  Email at

Lance, a number of years ago and for a short period of time, authored short story fiction for Motorcycle Magazines; however, in 2000, casually looking at a simple walnut, he saw a character developing in his mind’s eye – a character that tickled and provoked his imagination: thus, the origination and creation of The Walnut Warriors®.

Inspiration behind the Xlibris book ‘The Walnut Warriors’

The tales of The Walnut Warriors® are essentially based on the Author’s actual life experiences.  The storyline premise not only involves the proverbial triumph of good over evil but also teaches tolerance, respect, and the value of character differences: sociologically, physically, and intellectually.  The reasoning of the old don’t judge a book by its cover adage is subliminally explored and its value proven as the adventures of the Walnut Warriors take them to foreign lands where they positively, socially and capitalistically, interact.

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