Prolific Xlibris Author Lance Palmgren Pens the 7-Picture Book Series ‘Walnut Warriors’ – Part 2

Here’s the second installment of today’s Xlibris featured blog from Lance Palmgren.

Inspiration behind the Xlibris book The Walnut Warriors

Lance was a martial arts student; an athlete; a highly competitive Motocross racer (see The Walnut Warriors® Motocross); and, is a Bass Guitarist, music composer, lyricist, vocalist and was leader of the N.J. Heavy Metal Band, Fist of Faith; an airbrush artist of intricate designs with a penchant toward mechanical design engineering; and, a custom Chopper builder who eventually received a calling from the Lord and became a Minister of the Christian Gospel to outlaw bikers. These achievements provided the true-to-life experiences from which the Walnut Warrior tales were drawn.  Palmgren’s avid interest in jet dragster design and racing motivated the tale The Walnut Warriors Go To The Drags.

The Walnut Warrior Trilogy introduces the basic characters in Book 1 The Walnut Warriors (In a Nutshell) and provides two adventure tales, one in Book 2 The Walnut Warriors (Quest for the Lost Gold) and the other in Book 3 The Walnut Warriors (Armada of the Crystal Sea).  Book 4 and 5 provide additional adventures:  The Walnut Warriors Go To The Drags and The Walnut Warriors’ Motocross, respectively.  Book 6, The Walnut Warriors Go Monster Trucking ends with the beginning of a calamity which threatens the very existence of their beloved Misty Forest homeland and becomes the final Book of the 7-Book Series.

Are there more books in the offing?  I can’t seem to stop the stories from being written in my head – the future story file drawer is already full; however, as to putting them on paper, well, we’ll see. (Psssst!  As of August 5, 2013, Lance has three additional Walnut Warriors Books as works in progress: The Walnut Warriors Meet Bigfoot; The Walnut Warriors Deep Sea Dive; and, The Walnut Warriors Rock Band. Another unrelated book, “Inch-a-long Inchworm” is manifesting into reality.)

(Lance finished Book 1 of a new full-color illustrated Series, The Adventures of Rodney the Raindrop which is currently offered as an E-Book.  A toy has been designed.)

Lance will talk more about the Walnut Warrior Adventure Series in the next part of this blog.

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