Prolific Xlibris Author Lance Palmgren Pens the 7-Picture Book Series ‘Walnut Warriors’ – Part 3

Lance gives us a comprehensive overview of all the books composing the Walnut Warrior series in this third installment of his Xlibris blog contribution.

Walnut Warriors logo
Walnut Warriors logo

More about the Walnut Warrior Adventure Series:

The Walnut Warriors
The Walnut Warriors

The characters, the Walnut Warriors®, are fearsome but lovable animated walnuts: Logo above depicts a typical ‘Walnut Warrior’ character. They live in a secret place deep inside the Misty Forest, on and inside a huge, extremely old walnut tree. The 7-Book Series takes the characters through 7 different adventures as are suggested by each Title:

Book 1:  The Walnut Warriors® (In a Nutshell) [Book 1 of Trilogy] introduces the characters, their lifestyle, friends, and typical enemies.  It sets the stage for Book 2 of the Trilogy, the first adventure away from home.  Note:  The end of each Book leads into the next adventure.

Book 2:  The Walnut Warriors® (Quest for the Lost Gold).  Herein the Warriors must find and go to battle against enemies who stole the Warriors’ gold several nut-generations ago: the Bully Boulders, the Naughty Nuggets, and their Stone King, the named enemies, must be located, conquered, and brought to Walnut Warrior justice.

This Book generated a floor Game with catapults that will be submitted to the top toy manufacturers by a Toy Broker (considered one of the top 3 Toy Brokers in the Nation) who expressed genuine interest and representation acceptance after the Books are published and in the marketplace.   Certain toys generated by each Book will be brought to market.  Most have schematics for manufacturing completed.  The Walnut Warriors themselves will be collectible action figures.  We foresee the sale of toys complementing the sale of Books and visa-versa.

Book 3:  The Walnut Warriors® (Armada of the Crystal Sea).  The Warriors build boats and set sail to explore new lands and life forms while looking for lost Warriors that were carried away by giant birds.  They meet the Peanut Pirates who roam the high seas; as well as, many assorted nuts inhabiting an island visited:  the CashShoes (highly trained technical nuts); Brazil Nuts that dance the Limbo; Mustachio Pistachios, etc.  Many new friends are established.  The lost Warriors are rescued and new friends and technology are brought back home to the Great Walnut Tree.

Book 4: [Begins separate unrelated adventures using the technological assistance of their friends, the CashShoes.] The Walnut Warriors® Go to the Drags covers building different racecars and a drag strip facility for the entertainment of the Warriors, Assorted Nuts, and friends.  In every Book, readers learn interesting facts – here they learn about racing fuels and the perils of drag racing.

Book 5:  Expanding the Warriors Entertainment Facility, The Walnut Warriors® Motocross follows the Warriors as they try their hands at building and riding Motocross bikes.  With numerous perils and obstacles encountered around the track, the reader learns who won’t finish; as well as, the identification of the surprise winner.

Book 6:  The Walnut Warriors® (Go Monster Trucking) takes the Warriors into another adventure away from home – new territory exploration and map charting.  The Warriors build Warrior Monster Trucks that can travel rough terrain and during their trip, encounter nasty crocodiles and a surprise treasure.

Book 7:  The Walnut Warriors®  In Outer Space takes the reader into outer space where the Warrior AstroNuts hope to find a menace that is creating life threatening meteor showers that rain down on their Misty Forest starting alarming fires. Will the AstroNuts find the perpetrators and save the forest?  Who are they, better yet – what are they?  This book follows the adventurous Warriors as they build a rocket and blast into outer space (unfortunately without enough fuel for the return trip home . . . ?).

Each Book is fully illustrated in color.  We refer to the type illustration art as “technical cartooning” since the illustrations are extremely intricate.  A child who has not yet learned to read is able to enjoy every story by illustration.  The reading grade level has been suggested by teachers to range (depending upon the book) between grades 1 and 7 and possibly 8 because of the varying subject matter and progressively difficult text (encouraging advancement of vocabulary and comprehension skills).  Our test readers, children through adults, enjoyed reading the books to youngsters and/or just for their own entertainment, fun, and curiosity.  Our test readers included but were not limited to children, teachers, executives, mothers & fathers, computer geeks, interior decorators, marines, Church congregation members, and various other people of differing job descriptions.  We experienced no negative commentary.

We anticipate being able to eventually see the Walnut Warriors Series in animated cartoon film-form for TV, movie theaters, and DVD sale form.  Future Books could be in the offing, if readership demands, as additional story lines exist. 

All the best to you, Xlibris author Lance Palmgren! It’s amazing how your story ideas have proliferated into more and more interesting projects along the way. Keep up your enthusiasm and daring attitude to explore new grounds!

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