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Free marketing opportunities abound online. Professional social networking website LinkedIn is just one of the many avenues that can generate more readers for your self-published book. With over 225 million users across the globe, LinkedIn is currently the world’s largest professional network with 21.4 million unique visitors from the US and 47.6 million worldwide monthly.

Xlibris Publisher is on LinkedIn.

Xlibris Publisher is on LinkedIn, so you can find and follow us in more free social media venues of your choice. Helping you realize your writing success, our company page inspires you with daily writing quotes, news, and tools of the trade. A dash of comic relief about writing, reading, and grammar also reminds you to loosen up and shake off occasional writing anxiety.

Xlibris Publisher Presents How You Can Use LinkedIn To Reach More Readers

Aside from providing job seekers career opportunities in various fields, LinkedIn is commended for its “usefulness in fostering business relationships.”

If your book genre caters to professionals in a particular field, LinkedIn is an opportune platform to reach your market. It may also be worth noting that since LinkedIn has the world’s largest audience of professionals, your work will most likely reach a huge chunk of the reading public or maybe even bookworms.

You can start by creating a public LinkedIn profile that will trumpet your writing prowess and convince potential readers that you have the next book sensation. Don’t worry about appearing so full of yourself. LinkedIn’s gazillions of member profiles spell this out: getting that big break is about who can blow their horn the loudest.

Xlibris Publisher Says Create That Catchy Self Introduction

LinkedIn will ask you to “summarize yourself and your objectives.” This would be your elevator pitch that will go down in history. Think of catchy ad one-liners that have taken generations of an era by storm. If you choose to be modest about your achievements, you can always hope that the connections you’ve made among fellow LinkedIn members will vouch for you in the “skills and expertise section” through endorsements and testimonials.

Make sure to include your Xlibris book’s link from the Xlibris bookstore, for readers’ easy access. You can add this on the summary section as well.

Xlibris Publisher Says Be Aggressive

Your LinkedIn profile as an Xlibris author may be accessible to people interested in books in your genre, but you need to be proactive, so as to harness LinkedIn’s marketing benefits.

Sign up for a LinkedIn Company Profile for your book(s). This specialized profile can attract followers among reading enthusiasts and other self-published authors who can boost your word-of-mouth endorsements. Enhance your page with regular posts about your latest projects, good reader reviews, quotes from your book(s), promos, and contests that can create more buzz around your work. You can also organize a book launch event via LinkedIn’s “Events” app.

Join writing and other related groups to grow your network. Participate in discussions to share insights with and learn from fellow writers and people in the industry.

Here’s to your writing success! Hurry and follow Xlibris Publisher on LinkedIn!