Xlibris Author William A. Gonzalez Bags Book Festival Awards

Many self-published authors have emerged as wild cards in today’s publishing world. The formerly traditionally published-dominated industry has seen indies starting to enjoy big sales and readers’ and critical nods, what with the success of E.L. James, Amanda Hocking, and many other literary dark horses.

Xlibris author William A. Gonzales
Xlibris author William A. Gonzalez at an Open Mic event

Xlibris self-pubbed author William A. Gonzalez recently made it in the 2013 New England Book Festival. Adding a more metaphorical twist to his victory, he won first place in the Wild Card category for his book Black Bubblegum.  It is no surprise, however, that he deserves the credit here on the Xlibris Blog.  

William’s latest literary acclaims include an honorable mention in the 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival, Wild Card category and first place runner-up, Wild Card category in the 2014 Southwest Book Festival.

Book inspiration

When William was a teenager, he would “dip in and dip out” of liquor stores in his community. He always wondered what those pieces of “Black Bubblegum” splattered over the concrete sidewalk would say if they had the capability of speaking. Murder, prostitution, robberies, and many other crimes would take their course over this gum’s presence.

In pushing creativity, created by escaping negativity, William A. Gonzalez is destined to inspire people engulfed in struggling communities across America. He writes authentic inner-city short stories, memoirs, and poetry pieces, with first hand views and knowledge with the intent of unmasking underground buried American history. His work is starting to gain notoriety within the writers industry.

His writing philosophy

William is proud to have “graduated from the streets of Inner-city Los Angeles with his life” and believes that “cultural art community spaces enrich and save lives.”

Writing a book is pretty cool, but, to penetrate souls when you read your work in their presence — now that’s an energy only those souls can describe at that moment, he said.

William has recited his memoirs, short stories, and poems at:


             Cal State LA

             Berendo Junior High

             In the middle of a street for homeless people

             Tia Chucha’s

             The Last Bookstore Downtown Los Angeles


Publishing through Xlibris

I am so glad for the day that I decided to publish my book through Xlibris. Their amazing staff, at every level, was truly helpful in “every single step’” of the process. Turning my written work into a published product was such a smooth ride — what an efficient, professional, and hard working team. Donna Green, I am extremely grateful to you for being so patient, kind, and supportive. You helped me jump-start my book writing career.

Xlibris book Black Bubblegum
Black Bubblegum by William A. Gonzalez

My book “Black Bubblegum” recently won 1st place at the 2013 New England Book Festival ‘Wild Card’ category. In my eyes, to win anything in life is usually an accomplishment of hard work pasted together by a team. Xlibris, I look forward to teaming up with you on my future book projects.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

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