Xlibris Author Richard E. Todd Turns Embarrassment into a Book

Writing has worked its therapeutic magic for Xlibris author Richard E. Todd. Seeing humor in a traumatic childhood experience, he came up with a funny twist to teaching the rules of golf through his self-published title The Golf Rules, released this year.

Xlibris author Richard Todd
Xlibris author Richard Todd found a sweet spot in a bitter childhood memory and wrote “The Golf Rules.”

Learn the rules of golf by watching others break them, advises his official website’s home page. With this unorthodox piece of advice, golf aficionados may discover that there’s more to Richard’s book than golf lessons.

My Book/Writing Journey

It all started 28 years ago, I was just 16 years old.

It was the first time my dad took me golfing with his friends.  I felt vey honored to be part of this group of dedicated and proficient golfers. Unfortunately, that proud feeling didn’t last.

On the first green I was tending the flagstick while my dad was chipping on. A mishit sent his ball on a fast path across the green, directly over the hole. He yelled for me to leave the flag in the cup, in an attempt to stop or deflect the ball, but I had already removed it. The ball raced across the putting green and started down the hill on the other side.

He then started yelling and belittled me in front of his friends. They tried to protect me, by offering that my dad just drop his ball on the green or rehit, but to no avail. That feeling of error stayed with me long after that round of golf ended.

Nearly thirty years later I was reading the USGA’s rules of golf. While on the section about the flagstick I was reminded of that embarrassing moment. In further reading I learned that my actions were correct. The rules do not allow the flag to be left in the cup nor replaced in the cup during a stroke if someone is tending the flagstick, which I was.

There has to be a better way to learn the rules than second hand from uneducated golfers or by struggling through reading and deciphering the technical rules book, I said to myself. No one should have to experience that utter embarrassment I did.

Then the idea about a story format came to me. Incorporating humor into the learning experience was perfect. From there, I took an online writing course, went to a local writer’s conference, signed up for many writing listserves and Facebook pages, and sought out publishers.

Xlibris book The Golf Rules
The Golf Rules by Richard E. Todd

Happy to self-publish with Xlibris

Xlibris offered a wealth of information on their website in the Authors Lounge and I listened to and read nearly every one of the hundreds of posts they had. And in the middle of all this learning, I wrote.

After three years of work and education I submitted my manuscript and enjoyed the professional work of Xlibris as they polished my words, created an energetic cover, and guided me through the publishing maze.

After only a few weeks I have national press in multiple areas, I’m enjoying international sales, have autographed many books, and am thrilled at the enjoyment my work is bringing others.

I have since published a companion book, The Complete Golf Course Journal, to help in keeping the memories of each round fresh and never forgotten.

Additionally, I’ve started writing the next book in The Golf Rules series, which is on golf etiquette.

My links

My webpage: www.TheGolfRules.com

Which has links too Facebook, YouTube, WordPress(blog), and Xlibris store.





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