Transgender Author Shares Her Story & Life Evolution – Part 1

Xlibris author Evelyn Eve has seen her debut story Book 0 evolve from the time she first wrote it in her childhood to her adulthood. She has shunned the trite storytelling formula of the hero saving the damsel in distress.

Along with her newfound literary technique came her personal metamorphosis as she now transitions from being a man to a woman and attempts to break transgender stereotypes.

A multi-published Xlibris author, she has also written I, Spectrum and Jane the Stripper.

Xlibris Book Book 0
Book O by Xlibris author Evelyn Eve

The birth of Book 0

I recall writing my first story…the very first version of Book 0…when I was but a mere child, no more than eight years old.  It was a simple tale, really, of a coming-of-age warrior setting out to conquer his enemy and get the girl.  It wasn’t fancy or complicated.  It has been used over and over again, in all media and not just books.  Video games and movies tap into it often as well.  It’s a pretty standard formula:

1. Girl gets captured by the bad guy.
2. Hero sets out to save her.
3. Hero beats up and/or outwits a bunch of thugs.
4. Hero beats up bad guy.
5. Hero saves girl, rides off into the sunset with her/lives happily ever after.

Ah yes, the simplicity of youth! How I long for it sometimes.



The rebirth of her story

But as I experienced more in life, I realized life wasn’t that simple…or were people exciting.  People as a whole were pretty boring and tame, and there were no real villains to come along and steal away the princess for me to go rescue.  The school bully thought too small.  That story didn’t make sense to me anymore, but I held onto the key characters in my mind and shoved the story in a box.

Then, High School started.  My hormones kicked in, and I really started to learn a thing or two about frustration and want.  I desired a woman to fight alongside with, and not have to save all the time.  Who has time for damsels in distress anyways?  Emotions ran high and my person was being forged, and I looked to harness them in creative ways rather than do drugs or turn to religion like many of my peers had done.  So I dug out the old story, and changed the formula a bit.

The lady was no longer a damsel in distress, but rather, a capable companion.  She fought with powers the magical powers my male character could not muster, who was more physical in his approach to things.  So what we had now was a warrior siding with a sorceress, seeking to conquer or ally with monsters that were embodiments of raw emotion.  The way I seen it, females were magical creatures that complimented men’s more straightforward approach to life.

I put that one away, figuring I would polish it someday.

Catch the next part of this Xlibris Blog article from Evelyn Eve to find more about her literary and personal evolution.

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