Transgender Author Shares Her Story & Life Evolution – Part 2

Hers is a story that strikes a chord as more people gradually embrace gender diversity and unconventional beauty standards. She has chosen to live her life on her own terms the way she has given free rein to her imagination.

Here’s the sequel to Xlibris author Evelyn Eve’s guest blog.

Xlibris Author Evelyn Eve
Xlibris Author Evelyn Eve breaks the transgender stereotype.

Book 0 in full bloom

Then I turned 18, and sought to join the military.  It was during this time, the 9/11 conflict began.  Soon, I learned the real ugliness of the world and witnessed firsthand what religious zealotry could lead people to do.  So, in-between working 18+ hour shifts I began to amend the story and took the soft religious undertones in Book 0 and intensified them, going as far as creating my own religion within the book itself for the heroes to stand against.  Then put the story back in the box.

After I was released from active duty and retired young, I had a lot of free time on my hands.  Rather than waste away, I decided now was the time to pursue Book 0 more heavily.  The story itself opened me up, and I began to question my old beliefs.  I went from spiritual to atheist from the time I started to write the book, and so the story itself reflected my current thought about the existence of a god and then coming to full acceptance of my disbelief and finally realizing I was the creator of my own universe, even though it was fictional. 

This story is Life.  My Life.  And, like Life, as you live it you are faced with things that put you in the situation to adapt and make choices, and if you are to expand and revise on your journey.  You can rewrite your past, in your mind, if you so choose.  Like the best laid plans, the most carefully crafted plots can be cast aside or altered because something arose along the way that gave you little to no option to mold it to fit your current direction. 

Her own metamorphosis

Even now, as I begin my transition from male to female and experience more of what life has to offer from the other side of the gender spectrum; I again feel the need to add to this story.  A huge revision is on the way, where the hero…who was left in sort of a state of suspended animation at the end of the current version…has realized their journey is not yet over.  Another metamorphosis is at hand, one that will open up a new adventure he never thought possible against even greater odds and increasingly more vicious foes.

Betrayal, loss, and an attempt to be put once more into slavery…all of it will mean nothing as he rises above it all to save not the world, but rather, what matters most:


Breaking the transgender stereotype

I think if more trans-people came out with success stories more than being depicted as victims, it’d help pave the way for future generations who can have something to aspire for, instead of fearing to come out.  I am the first (and so far only) openly transgendered veteran to undergo therapy through the VA in the Yuba City VA clinic, and I also like to promote that the VA now helps trans-veterans get hormone therapy.  And I am out with it openly, 100%.

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  1. Thank you for featuring me! It was my pleasure being here.

    Book 0 is currently being revised, and the new edition will feature the next step in the evolution of the story’s hero. Look for it sometime in 2016!.

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