Octogenarian Author Becomes an NIEA Finalist, Renews Writing Zest

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Xllibris Book Advanced Decrepitude
Octogenarian author Marguerite Bladen proves that age is just a number—especially in writing.

At the age of 85, Marguerite Bladen has discovered that writing knows no age barriers. She was recently named a finalist in the “Aging” category of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Book Awards (NIEA) for her book Advanced Decrepitude: Intimations of Mortality.

The finalists and winners of the National Indie Excellence Book Awards are decided by respected experts in the indie book industry and are judged according to writing and presentation quality.

We asked Marguerite to talk about her writing and recent achievement here on the Xlibris Blog.

Renewed writing confidence

I was delighted recently to receive a National Indie Excellence Finalist award in the category of “Aging” for my self-published book “Advanced Decrepitude: Intimations of Mortality.”  This was the validation I needed that my writing has merit even at the age of 85. My target audience is the elderly and several of my daughter’s friends bought copies for their parents and grandparents at a book-signing she held for me.  I also plan a book-signing at the retirement facility where I live. 

Keeping her feet on the ground

I have just finished reading “I See You Made an Effort” by Annabelle Gurwitch, which is about facing the trauma of turning fifty. This is a pretty funny book despite its rueful tinge of self-mockery, but it has just hit me! I myself have turned eighty, and not only that, I am halfway to turning ninety—and this is not funny at all! First I should let you know that at eighty-three, I made the decision to enter into a facility of the kind known as a “Continuing Care Retirement Community” because I was finding increasing difficulty in managing housekeeping, grocery shopping, preparing meals, etc., and most dire, my mobility was diminishing at an alarming rate. It was not that I could not perform those activities but rather that they were requiring an increasing effort, obviously not likely to become easier.

Sequel plans

My book is funny and irreverent but at only 50 pages, it is a hard sell and I may expand on its length in the future. 

Other books

Two of my former books listed on Amazon, but with different publishers, also sold well. Their titles are “Unaccustomed Though I am to Public Speaking…” (poems) and “Snoek” my girlhood in the UK during WWII.

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