Xlibris Author Paul David Powers Pens a Children’s Book for All Ages– Part 1

It’s been said that a good children’s book attracts the young and old alike. Although his authored children’s books are for ages 6 to 12, Xlibris author Paul David Powers has penned a trilogy entitled Telly Tales, with hopes of  bringing life lessons for all ages.



Xlibris book Telly Tales III
Xlibris author Paul David Powers creates a children’s book trilogy that speaks to the young and old alike.


Today’s Xlibris Blog features the children’s author who reveals more about himself and his self-published work.

About Telly Tales Trilogy

Telly Tales is about God’s All Knowing Presence and Love towards His Creation as seen through the lives of the creatures who live in a swamp; that good always outweighs evil and that there are consequences for the things that we do wrong!

Telly Tales III is about life’s struggles, being rejected like Morris the Yellow Spotted Frog, and moments of doubt like Thomas Telly Owl who succeeded his father as ruler of the swamp creatures. It’s about overcoming adversities – how Teddy the Turtle uses simple humor with his shell game to lighten the spirits of the hurricane ravaged swamp creatures! It’s about the Blessed Hope that Jesus will come again, like in a Glimpse of Heaven and how we, like millions of creatures, will someday rejoice in heaven with all the saints, before the Throne of God!

Literary inspiration

Like Aslan (C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia) being a type of Christ, Telly Owl is like Jesus the Good Shepherd who watches over the creatures!

A sneak peek

“Aunt Tully, What is the Greatest Love?”

Tully was overjoyed to share with her precious nieces about the Greatest Love ever given to Mankind, Jesus dying on the cross for our sins!  “He died forgiving those who crucified Him. However, a Glorious thing happened! On the Third Day, Christ arose from the grave, just as the Scriptures foretold! It was finished. Man can once again be in right standing with God, “IF” they repent of their sins and accept God’s Eternal Sacrifice for those sins – Jesus Christ!”

Mary and Carrie began crying! Deep inside, they knew that they did not know the Jesus that their Mother or Aunt knew! That afternoon on a hill similar to where Christ died, Mary and Carrie prayed and ask Jesus Christ to become their Savior. How about YOU? Do you know Jesus?” (The Greatest Love taken from Telly Tales III).

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