Author Jodie Zammit Draws Writing Inspiration from Nature

To each writer is his or her own muse. For Xlibris author Jodie Zammit, Mother Nature keeps her writing lamp burning.

Xlibris Book People of the Shadows
Author Jodie Zammit talks about her book, “People of the Shadows” inspired by nature.

Jodie talks about her childhood memories revealing how she fell in love with nature. This love has become instrumental to the creation of her debut fantasy book People of the Shadows.

Young, wild, and free

Queensland’s outback was Jodie’s playground, so adventure is second nature to her. Here she fell in love with the mysteries and magic of the bush.

Living on cattle properties, there weren’t any other kids around except my younger siblings. I spent a hell of a lot of time playing in the bush.

Jodie befriended every animal she met and believed that every rock held a special power. She heard the trees whisper their tales, and witnessed the flowers enjoy their bloom while it lasted. Jodie’s author profile on her Xlibris Bookstore website reveals quite poetically her mystical friendship with nature:

She became embroiled within the drama created by the elusive mysterious rain, which brought as much trouble as it did joy, appearing too quickly and rarely staying long. Then there was the breeze. Thank heavens, on a hot day, for the cooling respite of the breeze, which brought news of an impending storm. Every element of nature captured her imagination and became food for thought or inspiration for an adventure.

Not too late to start writing

Despite being a busy mother of three, Jodie finds time to write. She finished a writing workshop with a fellow parent, Rowena Cory Daniells, who has a brood of six. Rowena’s multi-tasking skills have inspired Jodie.

She would write her novels at the table as the kids were doing homework … She just proved to me that it was possible to do it. That’s what inspired me to keep going.

I can’t see myself ever putting away the idea of writing. I have a notebook and a pen with me wherever I go.

She plans to write two more sequels to People of the Shadows.

A lasting love of nature

Jodie’s Xlibris author profile continues:

Her friendship with nature always stayed with her, but owing to a busy life, her opportunities to visit are fewer these days. She now lives with her beloved husband and children in the small seaside city of Mackay, Australia. The landscape is different on the coast, but she still manages to satisfy her need for connection to the earth. Ignoring the raised eyebrows of her loved ones, she still brings home treasures like rocks, shells, seeds, feathers, and leaves found on her wanderings on the beaches and dunes. They all have a story to tell, and therein lies her inspiration for this book.

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