Author James Compton’s Book Series Expands to Toy Figure Line

A toy company has created a toy line inspired by the Cat-Boy series, written by Xlibris author James Compton. These toy figurines were recently shown in an international toy exhibit in Chicago. This achievement coincides with the series’ fifth year anniversary. Also known as Michael Morgan, James Compton is one of Xlibris’ accomplished authors.

Xlibris author Michael Morgan
Xlibris Author James Compton’s book has now expanded into a toy figure line based on his book characters.

The main character of the book is based on Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, considered to be the most popular Sheriff in the US. Sheriff Joe has expressed his full support for the Cat-Boy series through social media and a testimonial on the book’s back cover. Over the years, the two have kept their friendship.

It is my delight that Michael Morgan based the character “General Joe” on me, and I am very impressed by his writing talent and publishing ambitions. Keep up the good work!

Published at only 16, James has self-published four books to date under his children’s book collection. After being home-schooled by his mother, he passed his GED and went to college at 16. He has acted in live stage plays, was an extra in the movie Paranoia, and first published an article in 2009. He also finished his degree at only 20 years old with flying colors from the Glendale Community College, Glendale, Arizona, US.

Watch James Compton and Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s interview here.