Prolific Author Flaunts Multi-Writer Personalities – Part 3

Here’s the third sequel to Xlibris Author David Taylor’s guest blog.


Brahman/Atman went even deeper into the one-ness and did consort with His Creator Father and proclaimed “I Am that which created me, I totally submit to Your Divine Eternal Vibration” and it was done! And it was and is all good! These Mahavatars divided the luminous galaxies into numerous solar systems and appointed divine deities to govern them; Krishna is the creative force Brahman Mahavatar of our solar system the Milky Way Galaxy! Krishna forever reigns supreme here! Mahavatars also sought to get the task done with the same fervor, so they may get back to the bosom and at the feet of their master who created them, Brahma of this universe; so Brahman Krishna the creator created lord Vishnu the preserver of life and lord Shiva the destroyer; after the Earth cooled as ordained by His divine will, it became habitable for creatures and man alike; from water, fire, earth, ethereal, atmosphere, astral and the morning dew, these RNA deities created the semen from the elements and placed the cosmic divine DNA of man within! That cosmic DNA was created in the image of its creator and so too is endowed with eternal grace superconscious ever-so-blissful gracious life propensities! From the elements locked up in the foods is essential: man is sustained through this process of birth, breath, body, soul and a unique spinal column that can perceive its maker; these individual souls are sheathed in physical, astral, ethereal bodies! In the beginning, these men/women were very wise, obedient submitting, cherished and loved their creator, and gave all praises chanting His Holy Names; Aum Namah Krishna Namah Om, Aum Namah Vishnu Namah Om, Aum Namah Shiva Namah Om; they all are aspects of the One! “You created me and I willing submit to Thee” these first men/women were wise and sought meditational solitude earnestly daily! For hours on end man was still and communed with the masters, but the woman fell feign to loneliness and sought attention from the man! She came before the man and danced, the man became sexually aroused; man and woman did lay together; man became preoccupied with sex! Man developed ego and slowly eased God out; subsequently lost knowledge of self and lost the secret keys of how to get back to the oneness! Men/women eventually succumbed to fear eating of flesh and consumed each other and the animals of the fields! So man’s soul descended into a grosser physical body; no longer did his mind dwell in the ethereal realm nor the astral realms bodies and states; thus sin was brought into the world! Man/woman indulged in every fowl act under the sun. The masters saw the people had corrupted themselves, so they raised up Avatars, Christs, Siddhas, Prophets, Gurus, Yoga Philosophy Master Poets, Messengers, Bearers of Philosopher Stones; many teachers of all kinds the Masters did send! Some are Mahavatar Babaji, Jesus a master of Christ-consciousness, Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Yukteshwa, Lahiri Mahasaya, Baron De Extremus Importare (greatest scribe of God) and many others were sent to the masses with messages of sagacity, love, austerity, unity and atonement!

The fall and rise of man

But the masses and governments of Earth would not atone their fowl wicked ways, so lord Shiva was sent to perform the great purification that all humanity may come to know grace and wrath of God, thus come to respect and fear His omnipresent divine judgment; the divine judgment of man’s own karma did devastate the lands until the many soon became few: it’s time now for clarity, charity, universal love, brotherhood, oneness, forgiveness, proper diet, asanas, yoga postures, meditation, austerity, mental and moral reconstruction! Masters gave us these mountainous Philosopher Stones that we may redeem and re-attune ourselves to His divine love grace; take heed us and be redeemed, for it is later than you and I think! So we went from Gods to men, to boys, to men and back to Gods again! A million years ago or so, man was a never ending sea of superconscious bliss, love, wisdom, supreme grace and ever-new waves of an eternal sea state! We were essentially free of any and all human limitations! There was no place for this universal sea to go but within, because it was everywhere all at once! We formed and forever form the space God allotted us: this great sea of man-spirit was in super- conscious oneness with the ultimate supreme great sea of supremely blissful light which created it, where God has His heavenly abode forever encircling the first manifested universe man being of grace light bliss! The universe, man and nature are essentially a great magnificent dream of God that He gave reality; we are all actors in this great game of life that is so real, it will actually kill you, rebirth and dissolve you into nothingness, or send us to heaven hell or purgatory. Timeless elements, atoms, space, mammals, reptilians, seas and sands upon the shores are a backdrop for His omnipresent mind; He beholds His creation through eyes of all men as we peer into the deep. Being the creator, sustainer and dissolver, He creates preserves and transforms everything that is: thus the one became many, and man was conceived in the womb, which acts as portholes for individual souls.

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