Prolific Author Flaunts Multi-Writer Personalities – Part 4

Here’s the fourth and final installment of Author David Taylor’s blog.

There’s no peace or joy to be found in this spectacular universe that’s more blissful than being one with The Ultimate Reality; however, upon awakening, we find that we’re a sea of mirth; so we seek His presence and we seek His supreme light love grace bliss. He created the comforter universal vibration Om. Then man was put with the jinn, man’s lowest nature of them all. These jinn, whom are a kind of a man, enslaved the original man of Earth and hooked them to ploughs to till the lands they stole from the indigenous people and to serve their new masters night and day! Man was reduced to boy! And they shuffled, grinned and laid fain to his new master’s hypnotic glances and the whips on their backs; in time, this boy-man lost their lives, languages, families, freedom, home-lands, culture, ancestry, heritages and eventually lost any resemblance of conviction of oneness with the Ultimate Reality; all was left was utter complete vexatious despair, and Massa sitting upon an unreachably pedestal farting the Star Spangled Banner! The boy-man moaned and groaned under the pressures of such a burden that would change his molecular structure centuries to come; they succumbed, all of them for a while. Neither hope nor any way out, only slavery, woes and despair! No way to escape except for the kindness of death! So many died a death, being tarred and feathered, lynched, beheaded, pulling their limbs apart by four driven horses, used for target practice; this is only one picture, only one peep into 400 years of such a system of servitude that left a permanent scar on the slaves and their new masters: these jinn, over 400 years later are the most-foul, rambunctious, egotistical, underhanded, arrogant, domineering, untrustworthy murderers that’s ever been produced! Then the souls and hearts of the boy-men began to stir, and deep anger ascended into their faces! In their blackened bruised eyes were fire that sat the conquered land ablaze! That revolutionary moment when Black Men stood their ground with police batons, their dogs, horses and fire hoses blasting bark from trees and flesh, and tore their sun shone skin away! At that moment of mass resistance, the boy-man became men again almost; the very idea and act of a none violent revolution confused them even further; if the blood-letting were equal on all sides in a bloody revolution, would have been much better because they were getting killed way! But Massa is so crafty! He has the Black man’s number! He knows Africans have such contempt and hate for one another; they use these divisions of a Willie Lynch syndrome to conquer still; thus we are right back where we started from in the forties and thirties, boys and girls once more! True men and women are a rare breed these days! However, we’re all up for grabs! Just one slip up and you’re in hell again! Again in the belly of the beast! Now we’re not only in the new millennium but beginning the second decade! Our manhood/womanhood faces us once again; today’s men/women can be lower than animals, creatures that creep and crawls underground or can be wise mystical and deep as the deepest sea! Self-realization can release us from the confines of the body, earth, to transverse the universe at will and become companions and consorts of the masters and saints; then the boyish ways shall dissipate all together because they have nothing you would want anyway; the basic necessities will do because you’ll discoverer you already have it all and have always had it all, you just forget it; the veils shall be lifted! Master and slave can be freed from ignorant bondage; for men to have others in bondage they’re in bondage themselves!

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