Prolific Author Flaunts Multi-Writer Personalities – Part 2

Here’s the second installment of Xlibris author David Taylor’s guest blog.

The ‘ultimate reality’

Before this universe was created and supported form, there existed God and His hosts in the ultra-universe that surrounds the one we know, all rooted in the wholeness and oneness of itself; that being was and forever remains The Ultimate Reality! The first manifestation the Ultimate Reality created is this pitch-black universal; the first being brought into manifestation is Deity Brahma/Atma! The Universe and Man, yen/yang, light/dark, Shiva/Shakti, Prana/Space; the size of the first beings can be known if you can comprehend the supreme vastness of a seemingly endless universe and account for every sun and every particle of dust that exists in it, and place it all in a boundless infinite state! Oh yeah, The Ultimate Reality has already done that; it can be known if you could witness the minutest particles of energy that makes up an atom; as stated, the name of this first being is Atma or Brahma, and His first realization words and deeds was this “The Ultimate Reality created me, therefore, I Am that, I totally submit to His will” He realized The Ultimate Reality alone is king, most-pure all Mighty God all wise supremely great, most-high most-merciful giver of all life forms! All good names and attributes are His alone. He causes the living to issue from the dead and the dead to issue from the living; this ultimate being was in and remains in the ultimate state of rapturous ever-new bliss; in this state of supreme rapturous graceful bliss, He beheld within His mind the wonders of a manifested universe; a universe of un-calculate-able galaxies, solar systems, beings and things with uncountable suns, quasars and nebulous incubators!

He simply proclaimed “Be” and it began and is the Ribonucleic Acid (Phenotype) (R.N.A.) of the first manifested being Brahma/Atma! The first man, the first manifested son of the Ultimate Supreme Reality didn’t want to divert his one pointed transcendence too long; he didn’t want to be disturbed from the presence nor distracted in his supreme heavenly oneness with God, so he decided to create another son to continue the job of manifestation for Him. He created that son through his majestic life giving grace of his divine Deoxyribonucleic Acid (Genotype)(D.N.A.) will; masculine and feminine qualities in one being created he them: from the movement of his will produced sounds (all movement produces sound) and the sum of these sounds are heard in AUM/OM. The name of Atma’s son is Brahman or Atman; Brahman/Atman realizing he would need help creating and governing the un-calculated-able galaxies, solar systems and things; each galaxy with thousands of millions suns, billions of trillions worlds, many with multiple moons, way too numerous to number: Brahman sought to get this supreme ultimate task done as efficiently and expeditiously as possible, for he too wanted to get back to the state of unbroken meditation, unlimited ever-new love light grace bliss, so Brahman created multitudes Brahmans/Atmans known as Mahavatar Deities! Un-calculate-able Brahmans Atmans created He them! He gave each one authority over his own asterious galaxy.

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