Prolific Author Flaunts Multi-Writer Personalities – Part 1

Being able to cook up plenty of story ideas is one thing, having multiple writer personas is another.

XL Author David Taylor
Multi-published Xlibris Author David Taylor has written and published several books under different pseudonyms.

Today’s Xlibris guest blogger goes by his pseudonyms Baron De Extremus Importare, Elowishas Maximus, Kennyatta DuVeil, David T. Hardison, David Taylor, and Shivason Avatar Ninja Guru Sri David. He covers a wide range of subject from mundane to the spiritual, hence the various pen names.

Finding the perfect publisher

Year 2001, after perusing search engines and publisher’s sites for a self-publication company suited for my taste, budget and needs, I chose Xlibris over them all and never looked back. After seven works published with Xlibris, I have more books to follow and I’ll still chose them because of Xlibris’ professionalism, expertise, knowhow, communication skills, their design team and promotions, not to mention their 50% off in some instances!
My most important work “The Latest Testament” by Baron De Extremus Importare took five years to write, with decades of research in the sacred scientific art of Kriya Pranayama Yoga; I write under 5 pseudonyms, not only because of different personality traits but because of the wide ranges of subject I cover, from the mundane to the spiritual: if you read The Latest Testament “I Am Sent Me” by: Elowishas Maximus and then read “All At Once” and “21st Century Poetry” by: Kennyatta DuVeil you won’t believe it’s from the same mind. In 2011, I published three works with Xlibris totaling 2,034 pages; I had a roll-on and Xlibris Corporation was with me every step of the way! I could have published four books that year; I got in contact with the famous Guinness Book of World Records to get their thoughts on the most books and pages published in one year, but they declined my offer, so I decided to wait to publish “Volume III of An Officer’s Love Story” by: David T. Hardison a.ka. David Taylor a.ka. Shivason Avatar Ninja Guru Sri David. This later name was developed, not created from some ego fancy!

Precocious enlightenment

I’ve been a yogi since age eight. At age eight and a half, I first reached Samadhi’s Bliss. Now that I’ve written the most comprehensive work on the 5 Phases of The Kriya Yoga Tradition, the student has become the teacher. I’ve been initiated as an Avatar and am a savant in the advanced art of self-defense we call ‘Employed Mental Forces’ with my sensei Grand Master E.B.R. we also make home movies of these advanced techniques of breaking larger than ordinary boards, advanced self-defense techniques etc.

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