Xlibris Author Paul Carter, M.D. Tells His Arcadian Anecdotes

Certain professions garner substantially more insight into the varying characteristics of humans and the subsequent accounts that can prevail. A General Practitioner would arguably be at the top of this list.  Patient after patient filtering in and out of the clinic, each with a unique account to prompt the rest of their anecdotal personalities. Inevitably, this would make for an interesting collection of tales.

Xlibris author Paul Carter
Xlibris author Paul Carter is an author of many talents. Here he poses beside a painting of himself.

Xlibris author and country general practitioner Dr. Paul Carter moved to the foothills of the mountains in Victoria, Australia 28 years ago to set up a practice. He was fascinated by the richness of the characters and their tolerance for one another. Carter was also inspired by the fact that country societies are jumbled up. They are too small for groups (ghettoes) of people from particular backgrounds/professions to form and allow people to only ever meet those who think the same as they do, e.g., groups of dentists or taxidermists.

Country doctor turned Xlibris author

Years ago, Paul put to paper his arsenal of tales recounting his medical profession in Victoria, Australia. He then decided to publish with Xlibris his debut book Tales from a Country Doctor , which received an outstanding review on Kirkus and became one of its Best Book of 2014. The message that Carter would like convey to his readers is that human beings have an innate goodness within them and are happy to express this if they are given even half a chance.

Paul responds to community health needs, for which he recently won the Victorian Rural Practice of the year award. He also published through Xlibris his sequel The Further Tales of a Country Doctor as his head is still full of stories and there is far more material on the cutting room floor than has so far appeared in my two books.

A Xlibris author, doc of many talents

Apart from his interest in writing, Carter also loves to paint. His passion is portrait painting, and every year, he disciplines himself enough to create an entry for the most important portraiture prize in Australia – The Archibald Prize. Although he has never been a finalist, he has made the “Salon de Refuse” for the last eight years.

Xlibris author Paul Carter's painting Petra
Xlibris author Paul Carter’s painting titled “Petra”

Somewhere between his practice, family, writing, and painting, Carter also works on his farm, which keeps him mentally and physically conditioned. As Carter puts it: some people buy a gym membership – I don’t need one.

Choosing Xlibris supported self-publishing services

Carter has previously been published by a traditional publishing house but this time he chose self-publishing through Xlibris for three main reasons:

–          He wanted to be involved in the process of getting a book on the shelf to end up with a hands-on experience of how it got there.

–          He wanted to be involved in helping drive promotion with social media and other avenues after publication.

–          He wanted his books to be available in eBook format as well as paper format.

His favorite aspect of the self-publishing process has been the accessibility and enthusiasm of staff members to help and advise.

His Xlibris book marketing efforts

In regards to Carter’s marketing and promotional efforts, there will be a series of launches in various towns Across Australia, copies of books have been given to various charitable organisations to aid with fundraising, copies of books are about to be given to medical undergraduates to entice them to consider country practice and local newspapers are being encouraged to write articles. Copies of book have been acquired by a variety of reading groups and local churches and he shall be attending evenings with these groups to discuss the books and answer questions. Carter has also used online platforms to further promote his books. I am now on Facebook (wow!!!), Bookcountry, and Linkedin, he said.

Carter’s advice to aspiring authors is simple but accurate; read, read, read and never stop reading.

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