Xlibris Author Genie Polower Pens an Erotic Fiction about a Racy Love Affair – Part 1

Writers have always channeled complex human emotions and situations through numerous characters and settings. A good story is where the author can seemingly undo human mistakes by immersing readers in a stream of words rearranged in a coherent story form, churned out by the imagination. Able to relate to the characters, readers may find refuge in the story.

Xlbris Book Moth to a Flame
Xlibris Author Genie Polower pens an erotic tale about love pushed to its limits.

Xlibris author Genie Polower puts to the test the power words through her first erotic novel, MOTH TO A FLAME: FORBIDDEN LOVE. Genie touches on what is regarded as a taboo subject but is otherwise often a controversial and interesting read for many. She also talks about her creative process and her story’s inspiration.

Xlibris book overview

Losing her husband Allen to suicide destroyed Kathryne Kassell’s world. Falling in love with a dominant male, Rick Liberani, has put it back together. However, Rick is a financial adviser who has a major problem with the truth, and Kathryne is his unwitting, but willing sex slave. Can a relationship built on lies survive?

Becoming involved with this dynamic but complicated man is much more difficult than Kathryne had thought. Just when she needs someone to rely upon, Rick steps in and rocks her world. Rick is thoughtful, dominant, and demanding—everything she needs. He pushes her boundaries, tests her limits, and takes her to new heights. With him, she remembers what it is to feel joy, love, and unbridled lust.

Nick Lord is a handsome, dashing, widowed entrepreneur. Unaware of Rick’s presence in her life, Nick falls for the lovely young widow and he won’t take “No” for an answer.  After he learns about Rick, he is even more determined to wrest Kathryne from Rick’s clutches.

Kathryne loves Rick, but she learns that he has been lying to her all along. She knows he will break her heart but she is powerless to let him go.  Will she be able to forgive Rick? Or, will she decide she’d be better off with handsome but stable Nick? With twists of plot, this action-packed story will shock you, and make you cry and laugh, as you live through Kathryne’s sexy trials and tribulations. Warning: My book contains some porn. Can you handle this?

On the second part of Genie’s blog, she talks about her craft and her inspiration for writing her debut erotic novel.

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