Xlibris Author S’kay Magagane Feels the Calm after the Storm – Part 2

S’kay talks more about her attitude of gratitude on this sequel of her Xlibris Blog contribution.

Xlibris Book It All Begins with You
It All Begins with You: A Breath Each Day is a Chance at Hand by S’kay Magagane

Grateful for her book launch success 

My book launch was a success. Hundreds came to get a copy of my memoir. While the demand mounted, I received an opportunity of a lifetime to be featured in a local television program. I still didn’t realise that talking about triumph over trial would actually bring forth humility. To my surprise, my revelation inspired a lot of people. Countless lives were touched by my simple yet complex story and it overwhelmed me! Moons passed and daylights reigned and now I found myself shaking in my sneakers outside a radio studio with my friends to spread the word about Lupus. How I got this far is still a quake to my equations my math brain didn’t dare to solve. I left it at that—God’s wonders.

I seized the moment and together, we spoke joyously as though this disease was defeated. To us, indeed it was. We are survivors and so are millions of people with Lupus or any other chronic disease. That was the objective of my book. It became rather fun telling my story and convincing people to be steadfast about transforming their minds and letting them know that they need to look at themselves and know that they have conquered yesterday before, a prominent theme throughout this book.

Grateful to Xlibris

Xlibris went all out for this book, with much patience from the consultants themselves. Through them I got a chance to speak with the legendary Stu Taylor. I had fun having him interview me! This surpassed my expectations. All  I wanted  was to inspire myself and to reach out to at least one person but I found my dream to be nearsighted. I showcased the wonders God has done in my life. I never dare blame Him for this illness. Instead, I thank Him that I’m still breathing. I’m a lioness that won’t stop striving and I have God to thank for His grace and mercy. A breath each day isn’t only a chance at hand; it is God’s hand twirling in magnificence. I would like to send out a special thank you to Miss Gee-Leigh for helping me with this post.

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Cheers to you, S’kay! May you continue to write and inspire with your brave spirit and grateful heart.

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