Xlibris Author Sejla Grahovic Opens New Doors and Tells Her Story – Part 2

Xlibris author Sejla Grahovic further expresses her gratitude over working with Xlibris on this second part of her blog.

Pushing on with publishing through Xlibris

In November 2013, I decided to publish to tell one amazing story about surviving the war, living in a refuge camp, leaving my old life behind, and starting new life in the US.  Starting a new life was just part of my story. Learning to live a new system was not easy at all. We will never forget how we struggled to learn English in our first month in the country. I believe my lessons are worth sharing.

Xlibris author Sejla Grahovic
Xlibris author Sejla Grahovic is grateful for pursuing her self-publishing dream.

Xlibris sent me a galley to look at and approve. I got more and more excited that I just couldn’t wait until the final step. This time I caught some mistakes but nothing big. I made note of the corrections and sent them back to Xlibris, and they were fixed within a week.  I know my book by heart and have memorized it. Before I signed the release form, I made sure the manuscript was flawless. Their representative was kind and understandable and had promised there would be no problem with the galley. Amy Scott was my book design representative. She worked so well for me and I had a pleasure working with her. Lindsey Garlds was my web designer and I was also pleased with her work.

After going through several pre-publication stages, my first book, “While you played I ran” slowly moved ahead. The book went to the production stage thereafter. I signed the release form and was congratulated by my Xlibris representative. Finally, after months of working on my first book, it was ready to see the world. Greatest feeling ever!  I’m officially an author! Who would have thought this day would come?

Once a book comes out, it needs media exposure.  How else would the world know that is out there? I was assigned to my book marketing representative Kelly Andre. She is an amazing person who knows her job well. She listened to my questions and gave me advice and made my dream even bigger. She had pushed my book so far that I had four interviews within a month.  Now I can celebrate my first book.

My experience with Xlibris taught me a great lesson: I learned how to make good books. Once again, special thanks to Grace Vazquez.  I have been more than patient over the last few months, but with Xlibris’ great team players, my dream came to reality.

 If I can extend my help to any aspiring authors out there, it would be my pleasure to do so. It’s easy to say I’m going to publish, but it takes time and courage.

Working with the Xlibris team only made me stronger and gave me more strength to believe in myself, to believe in my book. Not once did I give up on it.  The way they had talked to me made me feel I was already a star. You got to believe that dreams can come true.

Authors have their own reason for writing, I know I do.

Thank you, Xlibris team for all you did to make my dream come true.

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  1. I am currently working with Xlibris on a book. So, it looks like it was a great experience for you. I’m glad for you and your success boosts my confidence. It’s great that they made the effort to ensure your book was the way you wanted it. They didn’t just want to rush it through. Thanks for sharing, Stanley

    1. I did have a great experience with Xlibris team, but it was also my first time publishing and I didn’t know any different. However, be careful when you get your manual script back for approval to make sure there are no mistakes. Make sure that they stick to their promise and that they don’t change your story. Once the book is out, be aware of marketing package price changes. Every little thing you need when the book comes out cost thousands. I had the misconception that everything was inclusive with first package. Hope that helps.- Sejla G.

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