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They say being a good writer is 3% talent and 97% not being distracted by the Internet. Xlibris Publishing narrows the latter percentage because we can turn your occasional or habitual social network visits into something healthy. Now you have an excuse to check your Facebook and update your status in between those bouts of writing.

Join our ever-growing community of self-published authors, professional writers, aspiring authors, and bookworms on the Xlibris Facebook page. Those who live and breathe words through writing and/or reading are more than welcome.

Xlibris boosts your writing morale

All writers have had their fair share of rejection, and self pep talks aren’t always what they are cracked up to be. You need comforting words from writers whose egos were once smashed almost beyond repair. To push you harder and get your game on, we post interesting trivia from famous writers turned down by traditional publishers to self-published authors who have become big names in the industry.

The Xlibris Facebook page also updates your newsfeed with daily inspirational quotes, writing tips, and comic relief from notable men of letters and amateurs alike. They just might be the confidante you need in your writing’s most trying times.

Mark Twain
A word from Mark Twain

Xlibris features book links and new releases

Helping our self-published authors gain wide readership, Xlibris shares links of our authors’ titles from the Xlibris Bookstore to our community of more than 6,000 followers – and counting.

Xlibris gives you a free platform to promote your work

With thousands of followers and increasing number of likes, the Xlibris Facebook page makes an ideal marketing platform for your self-pubbed title. Want to go viral? Post your Xlibris book link on our wall and introduce yourself to thousands of Xlibris audience. Your link will definitely get a like and share from us.

Xlibris connects you with other writers

Join conversations and make friends with like-minded followers or cheer them up with your favorite writing quotes, tricks of the trade, jokes, and all forms of creative bursts that lend themselves to the craft.

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