Author J.R. Fortin on ‘Topic Time’

Superhero fiction author J.R. Fortin has recently guested on the show Topic Time hosted by Harrison Young.

Mighty Snorter vol. 1


Published in 2013, his book series Mighty Snorter Volume 1 and Volume 2 is not just your ordinary superhero story.


“If you are into highly offensive comedy this is the book for you. Follow Mighty Snorter through his beginning days of becoming a superhero and a cop. If you like snot and six foot villainous robots dancing with banjos, this is a must read. The cops running Los Angeles will stop at nothing to stop crime, once they’re done eating donuts, taking naps, watching television, and playing video games, that is. Mighty Snorter brings a whole new meaning to the word hero.” Mighty Snorter vol. 2


Only in his 20s, the up-and-coming author has a degree in Legal Studies. He currently resides in Lewiston, Maine, US. Publishing through Xlibris has fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a superhero fiction author.


Watch his interview here.

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  1. Topic Time with Harrison Young is my eclectic TV talk and variety show which I’ve been hosting in the Boston area for five years. In that time I’ve interviewed actors, models, musicians, filmmakers, artists, etc. and the list goes on. I’ve interviewed people from all over the world, with an 80 year age range, my oldest guest was 85, my youngest was 5. Though it’s still a public access cable show, I’m certainly looking to upgrade and take it to the next level! So if anyone in the TV or press media out there sees my interview with Mr. Fortin and likes it, I would certainly love to set up a meeting for an interview or even possible employment. Aside from my email address, I can also be reached by phone or text at 508-517-1920. Thank you.

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