Kylie Helps Author Tony Flood Earn Rave Reviews – Part 1

Nothing peps up an author quite like good reviews for his or her book. They assure that the writer’s hard work is not in vain and that some readers took the time to read the story and found it gripping. For a self-published or jointly published author to gain these accolades is indeed a feat being that he or she has to work doubly hard from writing to book marketing, unlike traditionally published authors.

Xlibris Author Tony Flood with Tamara McKinley
Xlibris Author Tony Flood enjoys full support from fellow local author Tamara McKinley.

Inspired by the glowing reviews for his book Triple Tease, Xlibris author Tony Flood shares them here on the Xlibris Blog.

Heroine inspiration

The heroine in my spicy crime thriller Triple Tease, the gorgeous Katrina Merton, looks like a young, taller version of Kylie Minogue—and the reason I chose to model Katrina on Kylie is because I conducted a survey in which Kylie, despite being 47, was voted the most glamorous and stylish female star. 51 per cent of the men questioned said that she is the singer/actress that they fantasize about.

Readers’ nods

Eastbourne author Tony Flood’s sizzling new spicy crime thriller Triple Tease has received glowing reviews from actor Brian Capron of Coronation Street fame, and best selling authors Peter James and Tamara McKinley.

Peter James declares, Talented former journalist Tony Flood is making an exciting entry into the world of crime writing by treating thriller fans to a Triple Tease.

Director-producer Patric Kearns, whose talking Scarlet productions are regularly shown in Brighton and Eastbourne, notes, Triple Tease is a brilliant thriller. It’s also wickedly funny, steamily sexy and impossible to put down.

Capron, who starred as murderer Richard Hillman in UK soap Coronation Street, loves the way drop dead gorgeous heroine Katrina Merton risks her life by helping to expose a serial killer who has brought fear to women throughout East Sussex.

Capron adds, Triple Tease tells how super delicious heroine Katrina takes revenge for the assault on her sister and comes under suspicion from the police. She then challenges compassionate copper DCI Livermore to ignore the rule book and offers to help him nail a serial killer by acting as the bait in a honey trap. Katrina goes on a date with the main suspect, and there’s another murder as the plot twists and turns to reach a totally unexpected and pulsating climax.

To see more details about Triple Tease and Tony Flood’s celebrity book My Life With The Stars, featuring anecdotes about Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Joan Collins, Muhammad Ali, and a host of other stars, go to:

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