Author Monica Hatley-Carr Listens to and Follows Her Heart

Self-publishing has become the catalyst for many writers to express their creative freedom. One of such free souls is Xlibris author Monica Hatley-Carr who published her book I Love the Color Pink! last year.

Xlibris Author Monica Hatley
Xlibris Author Monica Hatley-Carr listened to and followed her heart in writing her book, “I Love the Color Pink!” Photo credit: D Lacy Photography


Commercial success may lure you to suppress your poetic license at the expense of your heart’s desires – a life lesson Monica has learned.

The Xlibris Blog thanks Monica for sharing with us one of her blog entries and for inspiring other writers stifled by the masses.

Rhyme vs. Prose…Do you go with the agents or your heart?

I went to a meeting with fellow children’s writers and illustrators. While I was there, I had the opportunity to have my book reviewed by an agent who had a different approach to my writing. For anyone who has read my book, you know that my book is a rhyme book, but the one thing she told me was if my book was written in prose instead of rhyme, I would get more agents to review my story. From my understanding, there is a trick to rhyming and if you are off by one word, you will be snubbed. For example:


I love to play with the other girls,

It’s the best thing to do in the whole wide world

The words girls and world have similar vowel sounds, but they don’t exactly rhyme which means, in the thought of the agent, you are reaching for rhyming words. The good news from the agent was that my story idea is awesome. The bad news: I have to write it in prose which means a REWRITE! This brings me to a predicament that I didn’t think I would run into. Should, I take the opinion of one agent or should I write the way I want to. I had so much joy writing this story and for me the change it would really make me sad because of the work and effort that went into writing the story!

For me to change something that came from heart would be hard for me to do, but if I want to appeal to the masses (agents & publishers) who want it their way of the highway means I must write the way I am told. I am sort of a rebel, which means I am not easily controlled and I’m not the type to keep up with the Joneses, but I am the type that follows her heart and if something doesn’t feel right, then I walk away. So my final thoughts: If you have a vision that is your own, follow your heart. E.B. Lewis, a very prominent illustrator, told me if you are able to express yourself in song, drawing, or writings, that makes you an artist, so with that thought, KEEP writing, KEEP drawing, and as long as it comes from your heart, that’s all that matters. Please feel free to share your thoughts! 

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