Xlibris Author Joseph Cronin Unveils a New Theory to Work Success

Climbing up the career ladder may feel like an uphill battle and worse, a Sysiphian task for many professionals who tend to miss the first important step to reaching the top.  To help young professionals further their career, Xlibris author Joseph Cronin has turned his invaluable years of work experience into a self-published treasure trove of work guidelines titled Theory YOU, released in May 2014.

Xlibris book Theory You new cover
Xlibris Author Joseph Cronin presents self-mentoring guidelines to aspiring managers to become better leaders.

If you dare to go beyond the daily grind and get the coveted corner office spot, Joseph challenges you to begin with you. He calls this “Theory YOU,” that is, managing yourself before managing others.

Joseph has an impressive career portfolio that speaks for itself. He has held years of executive positions in big advertising companies, including Vice-Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising. He has also played a key role in saving US automobile maker Chrysler from bankruptcy in the 80s. Moreover, he has taught global management and global marketing at Northeastern University in Boston, US, and spoke at several US universities. His career brought him to different parts of the world, such as Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, North America, and Australasia that enriched his global view.

Meet the Xlibris Blog’s author of the hour and discover his book’s important message in today’s globalization.

Inspiration for the Xlibris book Theory You

Applying what he learned from being a manager and an educator, Joseph felt the need to extend his mentoring outside the classroom.

I had the desire to help people like the students I taught and met via on-campus speaking engagements who did not have a mentor to assist them in their career.

My teaching experience made me aware and my professional experience confirmed the theory.

About the Xlibris book

“Theory YOU” launches the topic of self-mentoring. It enables the reader to learn to manage themselves as a first step toward managing others. It provides a discipline that can propel the reader to eventually reach the corner office. A successful manager starts by learning to manage themselves, and uses that knowledge gained from self-mentoring to better manage others.

The book is based upon the reality young people find upon entering the world of business and helps them navigate a path to success. It uses real world issues and examples to support each point.

It is the first book to address the management of self and its role and impact in the management of others.

Self-Mentoring in today’s globalization

Self-mentoring is now a necessity to the majority of new entrants to the business world. Suitable mentors are not available to the majority for a number of reasons.

Xlibris author Joseph Cronin’s message

Success should not be a dream; you have the power to make success a reality.

Alfred M. Sloan the former chairman of General Motors said: “Take my assets – but leave me my organization and in five years I’ll have it all back”. In the first half of a career one is compensated and promoted based upon what one can do. In the second half of a successful career one is compensated, promoted and rewarded based upon what one can get others to do. It is this stage the reader prepares for throughout a career and it is at this stage the managerial philosophy and skills one has self-mentored from day one come into play to provide the route to success.

Theory YOU debuts Joseph as an Xlibris author. He is currently writing a book on the advertising industry titled Saturation. His website Theoryyou.com is coming soon.

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