Multi-Published Xlibris Author Shares Business Know-How to Young Investors

In his new Xlibris book Every Young Investor’s Handbook, Author John B. Daniels shares his business expertise to new entrepreneurs. The multi-published Xlibris author opines briefly on the terminology and purpose of any business. Learn more about John’s thoughts that may inspire you to finally pursue your business goals.

Xlibris Author John B. Daniels
Hear some insights from multi-published Xlibris author John B. Daniels on what business is all about.


About the Xlibris author

Kenyan-native John B. Daniels is an expert in business practice issues, strategic management, and customer care. He has a diverse business experience in the fields of security business to tours and travel, as well as real estate development. He currently lives in Michigan, U.S.

Business as defined by Xlibris Author John B. Daniels

Many have posed all sorts of questions as to what business is all about. I may not be able to give a conclusive answer, as I still find some loose ends when defining the term.

This may sound awkward but I must offer, for you to think it over. Philosophically, “business is any practice, an undertaking that would make a man wake up, take a bath, take a cup of tea, dress smartly and leave the comforts of his home and move out to engage in, only to return much later, tired and wishing for a relaxing bath and an undisturbed rest.” How do you feel about that? For sure, you may find it hard to keep the routine without giving up. But you have to work hard nevertheless.

Business is a complex practice, a means to an end.  It’s a “practice one would engage in to make a gain.” This, I am certain, must sound more appropriate especially in our digital era and with the emergence of advanced technology. I may not say it conclusively, but I dare say that anyone of rightful age, say, above 18 years, of right mind and spirit, think that business is a means to secure a better tomorrow, at least financially.

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