Juvenile Bard Pens 1st Xlibris Poetry Book – Part 2

Eight-year-old poet Isabelle Scott must have been making her parents proud. At such a tender age, she already has a poetry anthology and a long list of other achievements to her name. The Xlibris Blog reveals more of this young bard’s accomplishments on this sequel.

Xlibris Book Isabelle's Muse
Xlibris Book “Isabelle’s Muse: Poems of a Grade School Scholar”

A long list of other achievements

Isabelle is now more focused on writing short stories, but has yielded to the suggestions of her teachers; and wants to publish a compilation of the first editions from the body of award-winning work, which she produced during the third through seventh grades. She is an avid reader and aspiring writer with an aptitude for poetry … “because it allows the free-flowing expression of her own ideas. Her writing abilities far surpass those of her peers and I anticipate that this is the first of many times Isabelle will embrace the literary world,” revealed one of her reviews.

Isabelle lives in the Three Village School District of Long Island, which is just a few miles east of Walt Whitman’s birthplace. She is now a sophomore at Ward Melville High School, and is an all-honours student who studied French, Spanish and Latin. She is active in the student government and the National Junior Art Honour Society. She is a Presidential Inaugural Scholar and was an invited participant to the 2013 United States Presidential Inauguration and Presidential Inaugural Conference in Washington, D.C.

As a juvenile author she is a literary guest and an award recipient of the Literary Achievement Recognition Certificate from the President of the Board of Education and the Three Villages Superintendent of Schools. She also received special recognition from the New York State Senate and the State Education Chairman acknowledging and congratulating her  on her literary achievements.

In her moments of respite, she enjoys the sport of kick boxing, the sound of piano music, the art of dancing, and the warmth of the sunlight.

She pens the following notes about her introduction to the poetry of Walt Whitman: In studying the works of Walt Whitman, you come to recognize a poetic style of rewriting a single poem over a period of time which could span years or decades. This concept allows the poem and the ideas expressed therein, to evolve through several editions, even if the evolutionary changes are subtle. The book ‘Isabelle’s Muse’ contains several examples of this. The poem ‘Wow’ is a uniquely subtle illustration of this conceptual technique. In a sense you’ve never really finished writing a poem.

She is currently working on a treatise of short stories.

Visit the following links to know more about Isabelle Scott:

Isabelle’s personal website

Press release for Isabelle’s Muse

ISBN-10: 1499077815

ISBN-13: 978-1499077810

Isabelle Scott

Scottingham Estate

East Setauket, New York 11733

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